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Mangaka Spirits Wall-of-Fame March 2016

Wall-of-Fame March 2016

"Mangaka Spirits" (Manga + Ka = A person who draws manga) captures the spirit of sketching, drawing and all forms of artwork by ordinary people. In this Wall-of-Fame, we feature the artworks of aspiring artists all over the world. Through their works, we hope to find inspiration in the things we do and hopefully unite as to a common purpose.

Mangaka 30 : Ambbey
Age : 18 years
Artwork : Kanna from Inuyasha
Materials : Paint tool SAI with a Wacom tablet
Favourite Anime : Prince of Tennis
Hobbies: Drawing.
Country : Singapore

Quotes : "Love what you do and you'll do great"
Account :

Mangaka 31 : Mekichi Takuku
Age : 15 years
School : Coral Secondary School...
Artwork : Hatsune Miku Natural
Art materials: Copic Ciao Markers, Omni Watercolour pencils, Outline Marker Pilot 0.8, Stabilo Outline Marker 0.4, 2B Pencil, Mechanism Pencil.
Favourite Anime : Little Busters
Hobby : Drawing, playing Project Diva F1st & 2nd and Arcade.
Country : Singapore

Mangaka 32 : Sophia Lauren
Age : 14 years
School : Notre Dame of Talisay
Artwork : Shiro from No Game No Life
Art materials: Dong-A coloring pens, Faber-Castell coloring materials, Faber-Castell Mechanical pencil and Dong-A Sign pen
Favourite Anime : Owari No Seraph
Hobby : Drawing.
Country : Philippines
Quotes : "The best material in doing an artwork is using your best."

Mangaka 33 : Jancee Relos
Age : 14 years
Artwork : Chibi Natsu-kun...
Favorite art materials: Color Pens, Color Pencil, Oil pastel/craypas, pencil, and thick/thin black outliner
Favourite Anime : Fairytail,one piece,b­leach, naruto, ao no exorcist, ao no haru ride, hyouka, kaichou wa maid-sama and moreee."
Hobby : Drawing, playing Guitar, watching anime, reading awesome books and eating. I'm a proud Otakuuuu. And I ship Nalu, Gruvia, Jerza, Gale, Miraxus, Bixanna, Rowen and more.
Country : Philippines


Mangaka 34 : Haruka Kudo
Age : 17 years
Artwork : Love Stage
School : Northland Secondary School
Favorite art materials : Any materials

Favorite anime : One Piece
Hobby : Gaming, reading manga and watching anime
Country : Singapore

Mangaka 35 : Patrick Ds Manalo
Age : 19 years
Artwork : Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul)
School : Formerly in LPU Laguna
Course : Multimedia Arts
Favorite art materials: Watercolor and Photoshop
Hobby : Playing games and listening to heavy metal music
Country : Philippines


Mangaka 36 : Tan Jia Xuan
Age : 13 years
Artwork : Mikaela Hyakuya/ Shindo from Owari no Seraph
School : School of Science and Technology Singapore (SST)
Course : Science, Technology, Art, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)
Art materials: ibisPaint
Favourite Anime : Gintama
Hobby : Drawing
Country : Singapore


Mangaka 37 : Alfred Hilario
Age : 17 years
Artwork : Natsu x Naruto crossover...
School : La Salle Green Hills
Favorite Art Materials: Prismacolors
Favourite Anime : Fairy Tail, Naruto and Tokyo Ghoul
Hobby : I draw and write stories during my free time.
Country : Philippines

You may contact any Mangakas through their personal account for any tips or advice.

"Mangaka Spirits" is approved by our mascot Yushiko, an initiative brought to you by Milkcananime. Please submit your artwork via pm to our Facebook. Only approved artwork of reasonable calibre may be featured in our Facebook and Mangaka Spirits Wall-of-Fame.

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