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April: Deep-fried Salmon Skin, Relaxing Tea, YPMA GIRLS and A Second Season

Greetings, dear readers. How is everybody adapting to the new season, literally or figuratively? I had a little sinful snack before Japanese class last week: Deep-fried Salmon Skin. Well, it wasn't really that little; a good handful could actually fill the stomach. While crunchy, oily, flavourful and aromatic, the salmon skin had made quite a mess. I mean, the crumbs could fly! I bought mine from a little takeaway deli down at the second basement of Takashimaya Shopping Centre, where a food paradise resides. I just googled for the name: Teppei Syokudo. Go look for it. Be mindful though, as the food there isn't exactly within an affordable price range. I had only dared to grab the salmon skin after much struggle. No doubt it was delicious, but still...

Of late, I have been consuming quite a lot of tea. Naturally, I have a small list of favourites. It helps to wander around supermarkets and mini marts. The next minute, you might just stumble upon a newfound friend. Well, I'm not asking anybody to ditch their regular fixes. Think of it as adding variety to the routine. Midtown Mart at Marina Square imports quite an impressive range of bottled tea, many of which I have never seen or heard of before. The drinks are refreshing, tasty, cooling...and a lot of them are low-calorie, sugar-free, which means that anybody can drink without feeling guilty. One of the latest arrivals is this Relax Jasmine Tea from Itoen. It is just tea and Vitamin C. I will definitely recommend having it really chilled. There is a difference.

Moving on. The inner jukebox has somewhat rejuvenated itself after a pretty long dry spell. New anime songs have found their way into my rusty ears, thank goodness. Finally, there is a little something different which I can put on repeat during long bus rides here and there. Nope, I'm still not stamping the approval for cardio, unless anybody believes that a lot of songs these days actually fit into their exercise routines. Maybe I'm just being ignorant. But if I could suggest a track, how about YPMA☆GIRLS, the opening theme song from Oshiete! Galko-chan? It is upbeat, upbeat, get the idea, don't you? I didn't realise before that the brief introduction of the three girls is actually part of the song!  

A little...okay, not little: this is definitely one of those life-turning moments, though what defines a life-turning moment is still largely undecided from my perspective. Yeah, one of my favourite anime series is getting a second season! Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu will continue to make me a happy person albeit briefly. I mean, a new season takes about a year or two to conceive, but only about three months to air. I don't know if I would ever collect the manga, because quite frankly I'm having some indigestion with the Anime Official Guidebook which I bought sometime ago. Yeah, I'm putting it aside for a bit until I feel confident enough to continue with the rest. Anyway, the ending credits of the finale made my heart skip a few beats. This is it, I thought. Oh wait, a second season? Oh yes! All that in just a few seconds.

Konatsu as a little girl...well, even though I don't like children much, I have found her surprisingly bearable. She is cute when she laughs like that. I can't say for sure if she had ever been truly happy, but her determination to continue her bloodline and raise a child is exceedingly haunting. The spirit of Sukeroku lives on through Yotarou in the new season. I'm looking forward to that!

Read more manga. Watch more anime. Eat deep-fried salmon skin. Drink more tea. Listen to more music. Have more fun. Be happy.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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