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Love Live SIF Transform Your Best SR Cards Into Figures!

I have previously written an article about turning your best Love Live! cards into figures here but in the end, I only picked out UR cards so now I'll like to focus on SR cards instead. It's long due for another one of these posts anyway~ So now, let's get started!

These are in no particular order at all. I have also left out all the wedding cards from the individual girl posts.

Kousaka Honoka

Princely Honoka is my best side of her, but I like the energetic side of her a lot too! With 9 cards of her here, it's very difficult for you not to see my preferences. Oh, and I'll like to mention that the fruits Honoka (2nd image) is going to be made into a figure by Alter. I'll be getting her if she turns out well, so stay tuned for that!

As for her UR, the one I'll like to see as a figure for now is definitely...
Minami Kotori

For Kotori, I prefer seeing elaborate outfits on her because it makes her unique hairstyle stand out better. I really like how her pose for the constellation and kunoichi versions turn out and they show her cheerful disposition with ease.

As for her UR, I'll choose a card that I didn't mention much in my earlier post, this one!
Sonoda Umi

I am not joking when I always say that I think Umi has the best looking cards. However, her event SRs certainly aren't usually my cup of tea, but when they are, they are typically an instant love for me. For Umi's cards this time round, I tried to stay away from those showing her shy side and due to this I might have chosen too many that has her showing her cheerful side instead. Oops.

As for her UR, I still insist on wanting to get a figure of her New Year card, as always!
Koizumi Hanayo

For Hanayo, I too tried to keep away from the shy side of her and went for cards with a more relaxing feel. I think the Dancer/Arabian version is the epitome of that feel. She looks so relaxed and I can practically feel the happiness exuding off that card. I would love to get her in game when the dancer set goes on for scouting on the English version.

As for her UR, I couldn't decide between her Christmas version (relaxing feel) or her Taisho version (elaborate outfit) so I'll list them both on here.

Hoshizora Rin

Chinese dress is crucial to a ramen-lover, hence I placed that version of Rin in. Energetic Rins are the main attribute for her SRs and this is shown in the majority of her cards. To emphasize the other aspects of her, I chose to include the baseball event SR of her as well. Despite all these, I believe that the Taisho and Devil Rin are my two best SRs of her!

As for her UR...
Nishikino Maki

After looking through the list of Maki's SRs, I realized that she doesn't have that many cards showcasing her tsundere side which is a pity. However, they still showcase Maki's beauty well enough through her normal idol-ish cards which typically feature her smiling and all happy ^^ Confident Maki is a good Maki too!

As for her UR, I'll prefer to have this one.
Yazawa Nico

Nico's cards have a good variation with facial expressions, which matches her multi-tier personality and acting skills, but also mean that it was difficult to pick her cards. In the end, I decided to go with this combination. Which would you have chosen instead?

For her UR, I would go with the Little Devil set because there's no set that matches Nico and her playful personality more than this!
Ayase Eli

Eli's cards doesn't have much variation in facial expression but they did well with her poses and outfits. She has a fair share of glorious outfits, especially for her SRs. In fact, Alter is making a figure out of her Maid SR card (1st card) and the prototype looks absolutely glamorous!

For her UR, I'll go with this card because it shows a different side of her -- calmly in the air, peering down at all the "lower" human beings, just an exact replica of the deity she's supposed to be~
Toujou Nozomi

I guess it isn't hard to see that I like Nozomi with braided hair, especially if her hair is swept to one side. Essentially, I fell in love with her after I saw her in snow halation with her hairstyle and rewatched the entire series to properly appreciate Nozomi for who she is and what she has done to pull the group together at the start.

While it saddens me that Nozomi has taken a backseat after getting them all together and forgotten by most that she was the one who helped get all of them together, she still has a steady fanbase to boost her even with Aqours out and shining!

For her UR, I will go with my dream UR for her, who once again has the side-swept hair~
SRs really have more variation in their poses and the focus of the card is really on them, since you aren't distracted by the backgrounds. They look the same as URs on the game screen, but stats and backgrounds really make a difference in scouts.

Nevertheless, I think that sets should be given recognition and I'm sad that no figure company thought of making all 9 in the same set (excluding prize figures and the birthday line) from a SR/UR line.

My favorite set would be the wedding set (june version), and if that was ever made, I'll collect all 9 of them, especially if I can display them all together.

My second favorite set would be the Victorian set (who wouldn't want figures of the 9 in glamorous puffy English dresses?). And after that, the Seven Lucky Gods and Devil set.

My only concern would be how the SLG set URs will be held up in the air and the translucency of their raiment. As for the Devil set, I'm questioning how badly the display might look from afar with all the pink and black pattern on their outfit.

In any case, if a figure company ever decides to throw a set of 9 in the same line at me, I'll probably gladly take it!

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