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A Troubled Halloween Dress-Up Competition

Argh!!! Oops, did somebody just spot a ghost or something around here? Hello and welcome to our little Halloween dress-up competition. As most people would probably be aware, Halloween is just around the corner. Much of the supernatural are awaiting to ambush their unknowing victims, but be rest assured that this is merely a competition in the name of fun. There is always the pumpkin goo if anybody is squeamish. Nope, somebody has decided to collect the pumpkin goo and use the whole lot for cooking. Just scoop some of that, get real comfortable and enjoy the competition. Ah, there will be no prizes unfortunately. There might be an extra pumpkin lying around at the back though.

Hey, don't be so terrified! I absolutely need to get this competition going, for goodness sake. Why aren't you guys dressed up anyway? What? Are you telling me that there are ghosts for real in this place? Do you think that they would fancy a little play-time with us? Okay, okay...stop screaming! I am already having an awful time here, so please don't make it any worse. Both of you just move to one corner and breathe! Ah, remember to try some of that pumpkin goo. It is...edible. Now, you guys behave.

Hello there! Are you here to participate in the Halloween dress-up? Eh, why are you glaring at me like that? This is an event that we are having right now, so if you would like...wait a second, please say that the red thing in your eye is just a fancy prop. How should I know if it is real or fake? I am just a coordinator for the competition! First, there were random people screaming for no reason (I think), and now I have an actual supernatural being standing in front of me! Hey, I know! Mister, if you could just stand still for a moment...yeah, this won't take long. Just stare the way you stare. Yeah, thank you.

Ah, that girl over there! What an awesome make-up effect that you have! Would you like to come here for a bit? Hey! What is wrong with you? Quit screaming into my ears! Is this place like a transit point for passersby? Why am I getting peculiar looks and such from the surrounding...hey, what is that thing anyway? Yeah, that stuff from your eye. Argh! Why are you screaming at me again? I was only asking you a question! Huh? What the...okay, okay, you go ahead! Move! I am sorry for your loss, whatever that is. Jeez, is there a janitor on duty around? Apparently, she is bleeding for real. Don't worry, I have pointed her the way to the infirmary. 

Yes, can I help you? Supposedly, we are having a Halloween special here...a dress-up competition, you know? But what I am getting so far isn't any favourable at all. If you need directions, the infirmary is just straight down the hallway...the second last room facing the stairs. The toilet is a little further behind. You are real, aren't you? Just nod once for yes, and stay still for no. Okay, I get it. On the other hand, I feel that you would be much safer here instead of resting inside the infirmary. You see, there is an excessively bleeding girl...she is bleeding from one of her eyes. Hey! Why is your face turning more blue? Okay, just faint somewhere safe then! I will find some first-aid for you in a while! Jeez, I can't believe this! Is there even an event at all? Can anybody enlighten me? What are you guys? Just stop screaming!!!

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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