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RoomMate- Otome Anime

WARNING: some topless photos especially on last set please avert eyes if uncomfortable ;;

Welcome back my nuggets~

Holidays are almost here and while I was looking for new anime, I chanced upon Room Mate! The description provided was super vague, so I had to do some googling to check up on it. Turns out it's the same as One Room, but in the opposite gender. 

One Room is a harem with a male protag, and with Room Mate, you get an otome style anime. Granted you can't choose any options, but the episodes tend to go in a 3-in-1 episode, mostly solo, solo, solo, then back to 3-in-1, so you can sort of skip and choose I guess. 

Right, so you come in as their dorm manager, staying in the same mansion and basically taking care of them. Duh, if not how are you ever going to get some budding romance?  

As with otome games, Room Mate plays out from a first person perspective, and it's quite clear when the video is from your direct view because there will be some sparkle bubbles surrounding the frame. Sort of like a 'kirakira' view. See the gif above! I actually went and gif-ed this part, just so you know it's your view and not a normal pan of the room. 

There are 3 main guys: Takumi Ashihara, Aoi Nishina, and Shinya Miyasaka.

first line: Takumi

Takumi is sort of your lone wolf character, the rather aloof and keeps to himself sort, that occasionally will have that 'what was that I feel??' moment. He's a rock climber, pretty athletic, and your typical I-didn't-know-I-look-cool kinda of guy. 

first line: Aoi

he looks so much better without the headband
Aoi is an actor, sort of the shouta-ish character, baby-faced, cheerful, etc. He tends to get kind of overly into his role, eg if he were playing a samurai, he'd sit and speak like one, but he'll usually end up breaking character because of you.

first line: Shinya
Shinya is a businessman? I'm not too sure, but he does wear plenty of suits. He's the tsun? of the group, insulting you, teasing you, and basically being an pain. I can't pin-point him yet, is he a true tsun? Or just a player? We'll have to see when he actually falls for you. Right now he sort of does this playful teasing like calling you an idiot but a nice idiot, that sort of thing. He also likes to strip a lot, usually without meaning to. 

With that, can you guess which one I'd gun for? DING DING kudos if you guessed Shinya!! His aesthetic is not what I'd usually go for (see Okita of Hakuoki) but considering the small selection, eh well. He's definitely my choice out of them all the moment he takes off the bloody spectacles though! No contest. The frames are so ugly! Couldn't he have chosen something better, tsk. Some people go for the megane aesthetic, so well.

their personalities are shining through
While there are no choice options since, anime version, it's still quite cool how there's a pause after they address you, as if you're actually going to respond. So if you feel up to it, go ahead and respond to them. I didn't particularly like the artwork, but it's good enough. Some frames were just WOW and some were sort of meh, especially since you'll be staring at their faces A LOT but I'm just nitpicking.

I don't understand the low rating though, I like Room Mate a lot! It's refreshing, and it's only 4 minutes, so it doesn't get boring at all. Plus if you're like me and like to watch at a faster speed, heck, it ends up being less than 4 minutes. You wouldn't need a huge attention span at all. Plus it's relatively interactive, win-win! 

omg stop the skin
I'd advise you to watch either Room Mate or One Room, whichever floats your boat. GO NOW. 

Nerd out to find more otome games!

Written by: ninetylives

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