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Nana's Figurine Picks: Megahobby Expo 2017 (Spring)

Last weekend, the 2017 spring Megahobby Expo kicked off! I'll be sharing my personal top picks that may be entering my collection, or are just beautiful.

The stunning De La Fille from Granblue Fantasy is first up! Although already released, Revolve decided to showcase her anyway. I must say that is a good decision as anyone with second thoughts about purchasing her would probably be blown away. Colour and detail-wise, it really is a gorgeous piece!

Characters from games have been picked up for more and more figurines (think Fate/Grand Order, Touken Ranbu, Kancolle etc) and if the trend over the past few years is to be believed, your in-game waifu might end up on your display case soon. Scáthach would make a very nice addition. Even though she is simple, the turtleneck-look is a classic. What makes me like her so much is the gorgeous shading! I certainly hope Alter will maintain this quality when they release her.

Speaking of simple clothes, a girl simply cannot tear her eyes off Sousuke's abs! Altair definitely has done great justice to all the Free! figures they have released so far. I am looking forward to seeing Sousuke coloured!

I also really like Alter's Idolmaster figurines! I play the game occasionally and the girls are all soooo adorable. They've already released several Idolmaster figures and they only seem to be getting better and better.

Another series I really like is the Persona 5 one. Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to play it, but if the prequels are any indication, it's probably really good! I also like the character design for P5 more than the prequels. I might grab the protag at release!

Surprisingly, I really like Kotobukiya's Victor! I am not hardcore fan of YOI so I hadn't considered figurines at all. While not as dynamic as Megahouse's, this sculpt appeals to me much more.

One of the most gorgeous figures on display has definitely got to be Utaha by Aniplex! I went straight to the preorder page even though I have no clue about the quality of Aniplex figures. Fortunately for my wallet, the steep price dissuaded me. If she ever ends up in the bargain bin in the future, I will definitely consider purchasing. I always did have a soft for wafuku.

On the other hand, the most adorable figure on display has to be Kogitsune ♡ I also really like the base! I think he'll look super cute displayed with the other Natsume Yuujinchou figures that have been rolling out recently.

Rounding off the list is definitely the one figurine that stands out more than the others for me. I feel that Megahouse generally keeps its best stuff for its own events and the star of the show, the Lelouch and Suzaku duo, is definitely worth waiting for. I am so excited for it to be painted! If the art is any indication, it's going to be one of the most beautiful figurines from Megahouse yet.

Trying to keep this list small (and my bank account safe) was really tough! That being said, I'm already looking forward to the next batch of announcements/releases.

Written by Nana

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