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Figure Unboxing and Review: Kagamine Len Hanairogoromo Version (Stronger)

The Kagamine twins are the last of Stronger's Hanairogoromo line and today, I will be reviewing Kagamine Len!

Both Rin and Len come in matching boxes, yellow for Len and a slightly darker tint of orange for Rin. The motifs and print on Len's box also gives off a more masculine feel than Rin's. The other sides of the box continues with the same motif with different shots of the figure. Though I'm pleased with the compact size and the general design of the box, tt might have been better to at least include one shot of the illustration itself as usual.

A quick look at Len after he is assembled with a base and his umbrella (accessory) in place easily shows that the sculpting for this figure is incredibly delicate. The sculpting on his hair ornaments and hakama are adequate examples of this. Here's a simple 360 to show more of how Len looks from different angles.

There's definitely a suitable angle to view Len from for this figure and his side profile definitely looks a lot more natural than his front profile  
The delicate and intricate sculpting shows a ton of creases at the hakama and on his sleeves. The painting is precise and on-point, with no painting errors on my copy. The shading is very subtle for both the parasol and his blue-striped kimono, but much more elaborate for the hakama to create a sense of movement.
His straw sandals also comes with good texture that resembles the material and some shading. I felt that the color was slightly too light to properly resemble straw, however as it only concerns a very small portion of the figure, it isn't a major issue.
From the side profile, it is obvious that the hakama and kimono are sculpted to look like two different pieces. This is especially obvious around his hip area where the hakama does not fully cover the entire area.

His parasol also comes in two colors, violet and navy. While there is no fixed blending or gradient to blend the two colors, the simple small violet section helps to add some pattern to the parasol. Though, considering how plain Len's figure is to Rin, I hoped that they added more colors and patterns to his parasol to help balance things out.
From the front, Len has a lot of intricately sculpted parts to admire too. The layered kimono and the puffed up ties on the tasuki and obi are definitely points you wouldn't want to miss! That being said, the colors are a tad too plain when viewed from this angle as it comes with a lot of navy, white and grey. The only colors that isn't in this palette are the red on the parasol and on the pattern at the hem of his hakama, as well as the yellow on his straw sandals and on the parasol.
The colors from the back are a little more enjoyable, with the colors of the hair ornament to add to the color palette. The shading on his hakama is a lot more pronounced too, especially at the waist area. You can also see both the violet and navy hues from the parasol at this angle, making it just that much more varied!
Despite not coming with a sakura branch like most of the girls in the Hanairogoromo line, Len comes with a sakura tree branch (right) which comes with two pegs, one to connect to the Rin's tree and the is for Len's foot to connect to.

The branch on the left comes with Rin's figure, and you've guessed it! The two are interchangeable, meaning you could either post Rin and Len separately, or have Len stand on the branch behind where Rin is sitting, just like in the illustration!
This is how the entire branch looks with Rin's part in place. The groove and circle further down on the branch is where Rin is supposed to sit.
With Len's part of the branch in, you can now clearly see the peg where Len is supposed to connect to. This gives a clearer picture of how far apart both of them would be if you were to put them on the same branch.
Here is Len fully attached in place. The peg fits his foot snugly and he appears as if he is leaping over the branch, or landing gently on it, which fit his elegant sculpt and the flow of his outfit here. 
And last but not the least, here is both Rin and Len assembled on the same branch and base! This figure is over 30 centimeters with both of them in this position so do make sure to check if you can fit them in your display if you do decide to get them!

Base (Not based on Rin's branch) 
Posing ★★
Painting ★★★
Worth-it ★★

Overall ★★

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