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Singapore Toy Game and Comic Convention STGCC 2018

At that instant, a single cosplayer roams in front of my range of vision attired as Mitsuha Miyazumi from the well-known movie; Kimi No Na Wa or Your Name; my frame of mind alternated into avidity. Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention anticipated for my appearance, albeit, my feet dawdle like greased lightning; furthermore, a larger amount of cosplayers, as well as visitors, straggle amidst the venue.

My inner cartogram, irremediable whilst I investigated for the procession section and manoeuvre whereas a bunch of cosplayers got ready with their gears and costumes. In the meantime, I was in the middle of an actual crisis when someone almost ran me down by a wheelchair with an inquisitively old lady. Last but not the least, I happened to be a part of the Singapore Toy Game and Comic Convention (STGCC 2018), a pretty blue wristband strapped around my wrist. 

A memorabilia for myself, prior to my destined tour built on the congested ground with a handy-dandy camera draped over my neck as well as to chance on another Milkcananime writer, it was high time to placate my rumbling empty belly. In the search for a reasonable menu when a waitress in jovial nature sprung up onto me, her eagerness to deliver a good service was able to shove my jumbled self into a corner (I have a hard time saying "no"). A full set Pastamania meal: cheese sausage tomato based spaghetti, Heaven Green Tea and a Star Wars plush toy that of which I made a hasty yet adorable decision because of the row of people behind me. On the road to Broke Ville thanks to the overly priced set, just as my piping hot lunch glide into my crusty hands. 

The Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre. The Force is strong in this 8-9 September 2018.

R2-D2 chilling inside my room

The expectancy amplifies; onlookers stroll along and with great triumph, I sought an empty space on the floor accompanied by others with similar trays. In the meantime, both Devi and I rapidly shot back and forth messages about our current location, not for long my "break time" came to a halt as activities bustle in front of me, owing to Deadpool who turned up with his bunch of zealous entourage. 

For the period that I was securely plopped on the cold ground, I affiliated with the rest to fangirl right until that span of circular crowds became unbearable whereas a handful of fans practically bound over my lunch; my vocal drowned by numerous others whilst pathetically hunch over the set box. The comical scenario was straight out from a video by a famous Youtuber D.Piddy.

Thankfully, nobody suffered any serious injury amidst the bedlam, I figured out it was preferable to just stalk for my co-blogger Devi.

After our fateful encounter, both Devi and I had a merrymaking detour towards outstanding exhibition booths; gamers and anime fans alike in a hotchpotch assemblage admired the colourful yet thrilling setting. STGCC organizes a substantial base of a diversity of brilliant artists.

Hai An's Art Illustrator & Concept Artist

As we passed by in between a throng of swarming bodies we were mash together in hopes to survey each booth, we came across painstakingly elaborate sketches hung on varying sections of the wall. The allure of our fascination certainly piqued each canvas manifest their accomplishment; forbearance and complex patterns. A sweet smiling creator gamely posed for our camera and hands out a name card.

The background music transition to Star Wars OST just as fandoms from the evergreen movie donned in their favourite characters waltz around and reenacted scenes for the joyous of visitors who clapped enthusiastically. If it weren't for my short legs the capability to pursue after them for jim-dandy pictures. Just the effort to carry two bags, a bulky camera; handphone. I'm a walking hazard! 

"Rugi-chan! you must walk in front of me, you are bound to get lost in a blink of an eye because of your wee height," Devi exclaimed before tugging me closer.    

I heed her remark yet, a few minutes later, I was off-course. Again.

This pose from a sporting fan as well as the Nightwalkers got me chuckling at their camaraderie

Both Devi and I gaited forward with a beaming expression to pledge our unwavering allegiance to The King.

At one point during our excursion, we delayed the excursion at a solitary stall to marvel at T-shirts inspired by Singapore local neighbourhood; printed with their own cool signage and "gangster" names. One such caught our observation: "Srangoonies" in the company of a pirate logo and an addition of variegated motif. The artist perched opposite a display table that exhibited two VCR, name cards and figurines alongside printed books in vintage style. She kindly hands over a device as the other was put to charge and Devi was the first to put on and instantly hyped up.

Next in the line was me, in no time the VR set against my eyes (glasses in the way), a whole new dimension spread out before me. Enchanting yet, eerie, the fantasy world had a loneliness vibe as I march across salmon-tinge dunes whilst enormous creatures visible in the far distance. A world where my active imagination was born alive; qualms of a "living creature" that might gobble me out of nowhere.

We took a short break at a makeshift canteen to keep ourselves hydrated and pretty (ahem-ahem, powder check) just in case somebody stops us in track for photoshoots (I can only dream of being a celebrity). A lavish of characters from comic and movies in two rows situated at the heart of the convention at the same time as bright flashes from a multitude of camera clicked away spontaneously. Mindblown by the handcrafted Superheroes figurines; my childhood at peace when glimpses of familiar characters that once upon a time, grace behind my television screen (no HD or flat screen tv) early morning or late afternoon. 

Soon or later, telltale hint of throbbing soles alarmed our senses of fatigueness but we had a good deal of grounds to rediscover. The two of us mosey off toward the game departments; exorbitant high-tech gadgets, upcoming games and the console section occupied by groups of curious bystanders as they indulge with new pieces of information.

The lowkey lightning made a perfect ambience for youngsters, as well as adults, to put your feet up; ecstatic laughter heard intermingle with disbelief voices when defeated. Devi and I draw up to witness a series of fun activities; a game of badminton involved adorable figures that of which bounce with every hit by a player. Two individuals stood side by side as they swung their arms mimicking a badminton racket.

 Oh God, did I just see a 20-footer container placed in the middle of the hall; make it two!

 The Good Game Experience (GGXP) 

I promptly rejected the offer whereas our upbeat writer, Devi, firmly chose to play one or two round. She made Milkcananime proud as peacocks as she virtually beat up the clueless yet befuddled male with a smug feature. I swiftly capture the epic battle!

Girl power!

Both of us retreated to the doujin area, in search of a particular booth only for it to appear in front of my vision. But at that period we planned to venture off alone and so, I was on my own to sightsee the aesthetic merchandise; a local illustrator: Sarah Thursday Illustration. The talented artist had a tremendous amount of fanbase from all parts of the world. I chance upon her visual apparels inspired in Japanese theme by a famous Instagram public figure Oni_bug. Lingering at the stall, I saw many loyal followers and regular customers dropped by to bestow a warm hug as well as purchase her materials. 

Sarah Thursday, a Singapore illustrator

Dragonball Figures Display under the neonlight reminds me of the coming Halloween season.

The day to check out of the convention was just around the corner when both Devi and I reunited, we resumed toward a row of queues where TokiDoki set up their purchasable items. The store brimming with besotted fans as they snatched up colourful apparels, matching toys, figurines, stationaries and bags. More on the creator Simone Legno here as Devi and Max struck up a conversation with him during the media preview.

With a dedication to back up my waning spirit from lethargic, I trace down cosplayers for a  short photo shoot. 

Kudos to all the cosplayer!

My expression when Pastamania chose me for their customer

The two of us once and for all, trudge for the exit entryway to head back home with our personal purchases; AOT free posters, apparels and cool stickers. A rainy weekend well spent at a major convention meant for every generation as well as a newcomer for an opportunity to digest facts of the pop culture about anime, games, comic and perhaps, the idea to be a cosplayer for the next event. 

Written by, Rugi chan


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