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STGCC Media Preview 2018

"Get your geek on"

Is what it says on the piece of paper I was handed when I arrive at the STGCC Media Preview with Max. Get your geek on, I always get my geek on no matter what, so get your EXTRA superduper geek on is what this meant for me. 

We are ready for it!

The Media Preview starts and we sit down on the stairs of the new Funan Showsuites and listen to their presentation. I am super excited about STGCC so this is a nice little warm-up before the event. But being able to meet these people, it is more than just a warm-up, it was like a main event on itself!

Our media friends occupy the staircase.

This particular moment stood out to me. As a huge Game of Thrones fan, I am thrilled to take pictures with the Night King! And free hugs for those who come dressed as Tormund! I will be your Brienne! (lol)

After the introduction talk, the guests came to the stage one by one.

I wasn't loud enough to get the whole group's attention

A special shout-out to Olivia Mears aka Avantgeek for looking FABulous as always

After this it was time to check out the merchandise and more importantly: the Lego Hogwarts Castle! Some of the highlights for me were the tokidoki x hello kitty collaboration, the Lego Charmander, the Lego Howarts Castle with all the little details and the general art. The Lego Voltron wasn't there, so I am looking forward to see that one.

Working hard, working hard! To get that perfect shot! Lol

 While I was checking out the merchandise, Max managed to snap some shots of Olivia Mears in action

 Spooky merch! Tiny ghosts are too cute and don't scare me (I swear!).


 This is my Jammmm, I see what they did there.

 The popcorn with the little kitty-chan is adorbs!

Hmm, nope, never enough unicorns.

Loved this charmander lego figure!

The details!! So awesome. Although the left one looks more like Tormund from Game of Thrones

The creators sketch their gifted wares

Getting some yakitori from the buffet on my plate and some orange juice, I casually approach Simone Legno to ask him about his brand Tokidoki. I asked him what's new and he said he will finally, after many years of going back and forth (52 times, he has been counting.. lol), settle in Japan with his family. That will be closer to where the 'magic' happens - new up and coming markets, China, and etc. Licensing is still an issue he mentioned, and sometimes he even gets business because of wives/daughters whom are big fans, teaching 'papa' about tokidoki! That was funny to hear.

Simone mentioned he was based in L.A. and comes several times a year to Singapore as well. I was curious where he finds the time with all that traveling all over the world to actually sit down and make art. Knowing myself, I need to have my own space and music, and the right atmosphere. He mentioned he works wherever he can, for example in hotel rooms, airports, airplanes, hearing this I had the utmost respect for him as I have the attention span of a frog and could never do that. He came to Singapore yesterday jetlagged and all, worked in his hotel room before meeting up with a friend. Back in L.A. there are 30 people working in his office so he has never a quiet moment to design he mentioned as well. We talked about how art runs in the family, his as well as mine. His brother also has the gene and even his little daughter draws now, cute faces mostly he said. Finally, Max asked Simone for advice on how to expand the popularity of his OCs since Max himself is a creator/concept artist.

Group pic with Max Wong and Simone Legno, his hat is SO AWESOME though! Apparently his favourite, I can see why.

We also strike up a little chill conversation with Riku, a cool Caster/Gamer hailing from the Philippines. She was invited to cover on the new Good Game Experience (GGXP) which will debut as part of STGCC 2018. Last year, the games section in STGCC was already huge. With this new GGXP concept, I guess this is gonna be a "Level-Up" for the gaming scene in Singapore. Riku further shared with us about her plans to go to Tokyo Game Show and it was possible because she got so many gaming fans whom supported her! How cool! For the entire time, it was EXTRA chill because we were siting on beanbags on the 2nd floor, from which I admittedly had a hard time getting out/up from. Afterwards Max and I adjourned to The Coffee Academics @ Cityhall to get some coffee and discussed our tasks and plans for Milkcananime.

All in all, a great afternoon! And can't wait for tomorrow, see you all at STGCC!

~Written by Devi~

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