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Welcome, Please Select Your Weapon Type

Alright, let's be honest. I'm sure everyone of you at some point has fantasied about being in a specific game world, or a manga world, or an anime world.. Yeah, you get the point. Some of you might choose to be in a more romance orientated world, some of you prefer the highly packed action type of universe, and the like.

it's a fight to the death
how romantic
So you've probably guessed by now what I'm rambling on about (if you didn't already get the answer from the title). Yes, it's all about choosing your weaponry! That is, if like me, you picked a more action/ adventure type of universe.

Okay, there's a huge range of weaponry to choose from, starting with the very broad categories of Melee, Ranged, Magic.

What is a Melee weapon? Basically Melee weapons (take note, I googled definitions) are a type of "cold weapon" where there are two basic divisions — edged weapons and blunt weapons. Melee is mainly used for close combat, or at very short range. So for edged weapon examples we would go with Daggers, Dual Blades, Sword and Shield, Axes, etc. And for blunt weapons: Hammers, Mace, Gauntlets, and Physical attacks I suppose? Like Fists or Kicks.

im in awe
ahh tsuna!
Next, Ranged weapons. A ranged weapon is any weapon that can harm targets at distances greater than hand-to-hand distance. Ranged weapons give the attacker an advantage in combat since the target has less time to react and defend. For example, Pistols. Guns, Arrows, Ballistas, Crossbows, and the like. Although I would actually place several under this category as well, as opposed to placing them under melee: Scythe, Whips, Lance, Halberd, and Long Katana. I mean, it's probably pretty hard to use these in close combat? You'll need some distance to work them properly.

ooh yass AC
badass Quistis and her whip
And then, the best part. Magic. Self explanatory. Elemental Magic, Spirit Magic, Beast Magic, Healing Magic, Summoning Magic, etc, etc.

the best ever
cooler than ice
But then, what would shurikens, and kunais be categorized under? They can be used as melee, or as ranged, so I'm stuck there. Also, Mecha. What would that be considered under? Plus the Devil Fruits from One Piece? Can those be classified as weapons? Or the FMA series?

And it is at this point that I would like to give Franky (One Piece) his own classification. That is, just Franky. /snorts

Now, imagine you're in the world you've chosen. What would you choose your weapon to be? In any world, I would definitely choose the Scythe. I've always like Scythes, and even more after reading 07 Ghost. The curve, and the range it gives. Plus slicing off people's heads have never been more glamorous. (cue evil cackle and lighting)

ooh lala
When I was playing through the Final Fantasy Series. I loved Squall's Gunblade. And Angeal's Buster Sword. Or should I say Zack's? And then Sephiroth's Masamune. Oh, Valentine's Cerebus Gun. There's something really gorgeous about them.

look at this gorgeous specimen
aw yisss
And then, when I was struggling through Monster Hunter, I always always always chose the Dual Blades. Although I seriously lacked the skill to use them. They were fast and light, and just wow. I did use several other types, like the sword and shield or the lance, but ultimately I would go back to the Dual Blades. “Can you choose something easier? You just started this game oh my god CHOOSE A DIFFERENT WEAPON.”

awesome yes?

Regardless, I would always pick either a pointy weapon or be a magic user. So, what would your choice be?  

Written by: ninetylives

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