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King Ghidorah: Life Lessons

Our founder is undoubtedly a kaiju enthusiast, and his vote for Godzilla's ultimate victory remains undisputed regardless of the heroic or villainous nature in the movies. Before my previous article on Biollante, I had told our founder my uncertainty towards the creature's seemingly indistinguishable character. Since Biollante was still after all mankind's creation which might in turn threaten and affect the environmental forces, even with the humanistic element in the form of Erika's genes being implicated, it would probably be more sensible to regard Biollante as the antagonist. Ironically, the same could be said for Godzilla particularly his origins (which was why he had also appeared as the bad guy in many movies). Anyway, it's always been nothing but great joy watching monsters struggling (?) to have the longest end of the stick. It's also rather easy to forget about the underlying messages in the course of the storytelling. As a kid, it was usually more of the entertainment factor. I was pretty much clueless about what was truly behind each movie. But I did have quite an impression of Godzilla being the bad guy.

Over the years, my exposure to the kaiju has become considerably wider. It's a lot of fun trying to piece together the many different memories of watching those grand, fearsome, colourful, destructive and [insert your favourite adjective here] monsters on screen. The deeper meanings have also started to surface. For example, Hedorah had risen because of the effects of heavy pollution. Hedorah's lethal powers were possible because mankind had neglected the consequences of their actions. Due to the extremely humanistic themes, Godzilla vs. Hedorah remains a difficult piece to watch. While I've never had nightmares of Hedorah, I used to look up to the skies half-wondering if Hedorah would just glide past the buildings.

I've come up with my own interpretations of the various life lessons that we might take away from watching the Godzilla movies. Of course, they are still primarily entertainment, yet those life lessons could come in handy when one is feeling a little thoughtful or something. More importantly, they provide timely inspiration for a writer who is easily prone to mind blocks like me. Anyway, the kaiju that I've chosen to be the first in line is none other than King Ghidorah. Grab a pen and some paper if anybody would like to take notes. The class is starting!

First and foremost, King Ghidorah represents the core of what humans really think about and desire for. Those thoughts and feelings merge to become a main switch for execution. In the case of King Ghidorah, his three heads probably contain different subsets of human characteristics yet they seem to complement one another. However, over time whatever that might seem peaceful would just cave in because after all there are simply too many elements which couldn't really render support and end up conflicting. That brings me to the second point which is self-control. King Ghidorah was made to obey the commands of others. His complete lack of self-control coincides what a lot of people might be facing in their everyday lives. Even though humans are individualistic and unique, under various circumstances they can be forced to act upon many things against their own wills. The constant manipulation of someone to achieve something (whether ethically or not) is relatable. Thirdly, King Ghidorah represents the calamities in our world. If you ask me, I would think that his three heads represent starvation, war and environmental destruction. 

In the various appearances of King Ghidorah, the only time when he could finally break free from all those restrictions had to be 'Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack'. Yes, the title is a bit of a mouthful. In this movie, King Ghidorah played the guardian of the sky, and fought against Godzilla alongside Mothra and Baragon. It should be noted that this movie happened to be the first and only time for King Ghidorah to act as a protagonist. It's a little depressing if you ask me. Even though King Ghidorah does look menacing, I would like to believe that he's got an unwavering determination to cross beyond those obstacles which mankind had imposed on.  

Anyway, those are just my own interpretations of the underlying themes behind King Ghidorah's manifestations. Other fans might have varying opinions about King Ghidorah. What's yours?

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪       

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