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Biollante: A Fatal Attraction

Some days ago, I was conversing with our founder and he popped a casual question; he asked if there were any other kaiju that I would be familiar with. I joked that I might have to dig around their graves for a bit. While I'm not quite the paleontologist, I get by (?) with a bunch of old memories watching several Godzilla films. Thanks to the wonderful internet, I could readily support those memories with extra findings. Those monsters could easily annihilate an entire planet inside out. They are mobile across many different media: Air, land, sea, Yes, you saw that right. Flowers. Our founder had a laughing fit, but I simply supported my statement with...

Biollante. I suppose I could be fancy and help give it a full name - Biollante Erika Shiragami (nope, not Shinigami). How does that sound? Biollante definitely deserves a little more spotlight because she's covered several important milestones in the Godzilla franchise. The first and foremost being the fact that Biollante was the first in line to fight Godzilla as the franchise entered the Heisei era (1989 onwards). She's also the first kaiju to be infused with Godzilla's DNA samples. Even though Biollante served as an antagonist in the film, behind her creation was a rather tragic story of unforgettable love, loss, denial, manipulation and paranoia.

Why did I mention the name Erika Shiragami? What's the connection between Biollante and her? The backstory began with an unfortunate incident which had robbed a young woman's life; the young woman was Erika Shiragami. Before Erika's death, a research team had been looking for Godzilla's tissue samples. Several scuffles then happened along the way, and ultimately led to the unavoidable fate of Erika when her father's research facility got destroyed. Heavily traumatised by his daughter's death, the researcher Dr. Shiragami began living a neurotic life. The unfortunate turn of events had also inevitably triggered his secret creation in time to come - Biollante.

Biollante existed in two forms; she first took on the appearance of a gigantic rose with sharp teeth, tentacles and vines. There was also a huge sac resembling a tummy right at the centre of her rose form. Even though she looked disgusting (though not as much as her final form), I had actually preferred the rose. I mean, roses are still supposedly pretty and a pleasure to look at. The rose head (for lack of a better term) had a somewhat seductive lining. The image of Rose Biollante floating peacefully in the middle of the sea felt like a unique tourist attraction.

                    The Poseidon Biollante could have eaten Godzilla for breakfast!

Biollante's final form had to be the most disturbing mutation among the kaiju that I've seen. It didn't quite help that she was supposedly a part of Erika, since Godzilla's DNA would probably generate a much stronger integration. In her final form, Biollante resembled a dinosaur attached to the wrong ends of an evil giant tree (I had wanted to go with a merry-go-round because for some odd reason the swaying tentacles had that sort of impression, but never mind). Naturally, the fact that she was still a rose became blemished. The fearsomeness peaked climactically as Biollante put on an intense battle against Godzilla in her final form. It kind of reminded me of Jurassic Park gone wrong without the great escape (even though Jurassic Park was made in 1993).

Anyway, I believe that Biollante became the second monster to be female in the Godzilla franchise. The cool factor about Biollante is that there's a human element in her, even though it didn't quite matter as everything else in the story had eventually grown out of proportion (pun intended). On the other hand, Mothra is more magical and in line with the ups and downs of nature.

I've named this article 'A Fatal Attraction' because it just seems natural. I'm certain that there are people who can't help but being drawn to Biollante. Yet behind that gigantic rose head lies a lethal weapon and much more...

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep

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