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Anime Review: Lycoris Recoil (First Ep)


Hi everyone! I hope all of you are keeping well. While I haven't been keeping up much with the latest anime, I have recently gone on board the hype train of Lycoris Recoil, one of the anime released this Summer season. I'm sure ya'll know by now that I'm a huge fan of the cute-girls-doing-cute things genre so this was one anime I didn't wanna miss! 


The cute things involve some good ole' action and guns. 

The last time I watched something involving girls in battle (and a wonderfully made anime at that) was probably Princess Principal, and it's really nice to revisit more strong female characters taking the lead again!

In the first episode, we learn that orphan girls are trained to be 'Lycoris', a form of assassins to maintain violence control. We see our cool black-haired girl, Takina, wielding a huge gun just to save a teammate in trouble. However, her actions weren't received with much praise, because she was only told to standby. Hence, she got transferred to work under another Lycoris at a... cafe...?

We now see a bit more of Chisato, our chirpy protagonist, who will be Takina's senpai. One thing I love about Chisato is that even though she looks like our generic genki protagonist, she presents so much personality that surprises me. I love how she's so strong-headed, and a HUGE BADASS in battle. 

You gotta watch it to see it. The way she talks to Takina also reminds me of an onee-san, which is really cute. 

Right off the bat, I can tell that Chisato and Takina will hit it off real quick, and I'm looking forward to see their partnership evolve from this episode. 

What I also find cool is the addition of Mika, the manager of the cafe. He has links with the Lycoris too, so I'm interested to see more of his backstory in the following episodes to come. 

Overall, the first episode of Lycoris Recoil didn't disappoint and I'm so excited to watch the next few episodes. I'm pretty sure more characters will get revealed along the way so that'll be fun. Also, the anime is animated by A-1 Pictures (some of my favourite works by them include Blend S, Anohana and Wotakoi) so the animation quality is pretty top-notch. 

Also, I really love the OP and ED

Now I wish all the episodes are out so I can binge it all at one go~ but if you do decide to watch Lycoris Recoil, I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do!

Have a good weekend ahead :)

Written by: kimizomi 

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