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Why watch Bikini Warriors?

Hi everyone! It's Nana here today!

Today I'm going to talk about Bikini Warriors. Set in an RPG-style universe, our four main characters are the walking definition of RPG heroines with a dash of anime stereotypes: the brave and brash Fighter, the self-sacrificial Paladin, the shy yet powerful Mage, and the haughty Darkelf.

So, back to my question, why watch Bikini Warriors? From someone who does not usually enjoy gratuitous shows of oppai, here are some reasons why I ended up enjoying this particular anime!

Warning: If the title hasn't pre-empted you, there is minor NSFW content below!

1. Pleasant character design
Despite how impractical a bikini is as armour, the artists managed to integrate elements of each character into their outfit! Built for speed, Fighter has barely any "armour". Paladin is semi-clad in knight-like "armour". Mage's sleeves resemble a typical RPG mage's cape, while Darkelf, as the exotic party member, has a more avant garde bikini-resembling costume (I know, it sounds weird). There's not a lot of cloth to go around, but hey, the girls are cute too, nothing much to complain about here honestly, except possibly stereotyping.

2. Short and sweet
Each episode is only approximately four minutes long, including the OP and ED. That makes the series rather fast-paced, with each semi-episode tackling one aspect of RPG games. That said, there is a barely there underlying plot throughout the series, but it does not feel very well-implemented; it is easy to ignore.

And your usual armour isn't revealing... Right.........

3. Humourous ecchi
I know, I know. I said I'm not a big fan of gratuitous shows of oppai. But somehow, I found Bikini Warriors' acceptable for my standards! Perhaps because each episode is so short, it does not feel saturated. The girls are obviously surrounded by perverts thanks to their body proportions (fun fact, one of them is too!), but the ecchi-ness is light-hearted. Plus, I like how honest they are: instead of packaging sexy characters into a pseudo-complex storyline, they decided to blatantly announce they want to draw giant 2D breasts by calling the series... Bikini Warriors. I'm not kidding, just look at the way they're advertising it.

I'm not gonna translate it, but I think you can guess.
4. Parody of RPG and Eroge tropes
This final reason is what made me enjoy this short series so much. Right from the first episode, the anime makes fun of RPG tropes, like taking money from villagers' homes, doing ridiculous quests to get the next level, and emulating the pain and suffering of players worldwide by having no health left when they're finally at the boss stage.

In the end, as shallow as this short series seems, the producers did manage to weave in a little sisterhood and a lot of comic relief. I'd recommend this to both males and females as long as you do not have an aversion to impractical armour. Do remember to watch it with headphones and preferably not in a crowded area though!

Final note-slash-fun fact: You can get figurines of all the girls as long as you have the $$$!

Written by Nana

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