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Sensei no Otoriyose

Haruka, why is there a pair of eyes ogling at us from above?
Wait, I thought that you knew those eyes, Miruku.
They look hungry. Should I share my Baumkuchen?
I believe that they are now staring at my Black Label Premium Tomato Juice.
Haruka, I can see a tongue sticking out.
You are imagining things, Miruku. Let's just return to our meal.

From the refreshing collaboration of Nakamura Asumiko and Eda Yuuri comes Sensei no Otoriyose, a gastronomic offering that is relayed through a half-manga, half-novel narrative. Otoriyose is basically ordering food through the Internet; many shops in Japan offer this platform where a wide variety of possibilities gets packaged and delivered to the customers' doorsteps in the utmost freshness, all at the convenience of the mouse button. I'm not sure about smartphones though; as incredulous as this may sound, mine is used only for calls and messages.

The first chapter opens with a peek into the musings of Enomura Haruka, a bestselling author of erotic literature. He begins by pondering what life as a writer entails; a living thing whose preferred mode of communication with the outside world is electronics: work-related matters are effortlessly settled over the phone or email (with the occasional pen and paper for writing), documents are received either via Takkyubin or online, and shopping is conveniently done on the computer. Order. Pay. Receive. In other words, a writer doesn't step out of the house.

The musings then shift towards the story proper, which brings Nakata Miruku, a bishoujo manga artist into the picture. Miruku makes the second half of a proposed collaboration by the publisher. A few months prior, Haruka was approached by his editor about a special project which would tap on his vivid style of writing for a manga. When he wondered who the artist would be, Miruku's name almost instantaneously sent Haruka into a closeted trance. Turned out that Haruka is a loyal yet secret fan of Miruku's work: the visually stimulating, unnaturally voluptuous female anatomy which warrants nosebleeds enough to assist the blood bank. However, Haruka's perception of its author would suffer a huge blow at their first meeting.

After a wave of rants, insults and delicious Wagashi, Haruka and Miruku impulsively agree to take on the project, all because of a last-minute intrusion by the panting, perspiring female chief editor. In other words, a pair of rhythmically heaving breasts. Nonetheless, the duo's gloomy future would gradually see the light of day cushioned by their mutual love for Otoriyose.

Gosh, does anybody believe that staring at food illustrations, black and white even, could actually add extra pounds to their frame? I'm rather interested in the Morioka Onmen featured in Order 5. Hmm, I wonder if Meidi-ya Supermarket sells any...

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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