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Thoughts: Attack On Titan in 2022

After the last episode of Attack on Titan’s third season (second part) aired last April, fans were delighted to know that a third part will return next year. After all, there’s still so much to conclude from where we left off. So, why am I only writing about AOT right now?

As a female anime watcher who mostly finds interest in girls’ club and slice-of-life anime, I didn’t find myself on board the AOT hype at that point, which holds a largely shounen demographic. But don’t get me wrong, I believe that most people, regardless of gender, enjoy the show because of its intensity, the insane effort put into the story as well as its compelling characters. This is evident in almost all of its show’s seasons finding themselves ranked in the top 50 section of MyAnimeList, with its latest season in third place.

As the final season crept in early this year, I was coerced by my friend who was curious as well. I then decided: why not give it a shot? 

And wow, I was not disappointed. 

Just a note, the following write-up may include some spoilers, if you haven’t watched it yet (although I believe most of you already did). Also, this isn’t a full review of the show. Instead, it’s more of just some personal thoughts and opinions that I would like to share! 
What immersed me immediately when we started the show was the accompaniment of a narrator, who gave us hints and clues about the environment surrounding the MC Eren Yeager’s hometown in Shiganshina. 

To add it on, the names of the respective walls have an important meaning to them, and they are addressed later into the show. It is details like these that really ties everything together in the end, leaving us gasping once they are all unraveled.

In slice-of-life anime, I always find myself appreciating the friendship trope. In AOT’s case, however, these kids are fighting titans 10x bigger than them (okay, maybe 10 is an understatement…). Yet, I still find myself drawn to their dynamics. 

Whether is it Eren, Mikasa and Armin’s tightly knit childhood friendship…

… or the comedic yet heartwarming trio of Sasha, Connie and Jean. 

But another thing that I find impressive about the show is the way they portray their female characters. 

First, we have Mikasa Ackerman. Initially, I was afraid she would fall into the shadows of the determined, forward-thinking Eren. Even though she might also act on the impulses of protecting Eren (in the guise of a possible romance), Mikasa is extremely headstrong, and might I emphasise, strong.   
She is ruthless, slashing every titan in her way with her agility and strength. 

Mikasa is めっちゃかっこいい! (Hella cool)

I guess having relations to the Ackerman clan sure has its perks, as seen in Levi Ackerman, humanity’s strongest soldier.

But back to the girls.

Sasha, our favourite food lover holds a strong place in my heart as well. Even though we mostly see Sasha in her wholesome, cute moments at the start, we slowly get a sense of her humbling backstory. I think it’s amazing that she’s a bow-wielding soldier too, and this can be seen in the earlier season when she saves a young girl from a titan, who ends up admiring her years later.

I also wish we had seen more of Annie after she was left crystallised for a few years, but her time on screen has proved that Annie is a strong and independent fighter on her own. 

Even though Annie has her own motives for joining the Military Police, she isn’t just the stone-cold person she makes herself out to be. Even as the Female Titan, she faces a moment of compassion when faced with Armin, whom she has taking a liking to. 

In fact, when we see her again in the latest season, I appreciate how Annie is portrayed to be a ‘softer’ character, while still being as strong in combat as ever. The moments between Annie and Hitch, who are former enemies really surprised me, but it warmed my heart as well. 

There’s also a rather cute moment between Annie and Connie, when Connie sees her chomping down on some food. 

There are still so many other female characters I could talk about in AOT, but I really have to give it to Hange Zoe too. 

Although she is portrayed to be an eccentric character at first, I was really impressed with her arc. Having to make hasty decisions on her own and lead a team after being handed the role of commander isn’t easy, but her intelligence and skills are something worth noting. Every time Hange ends up injured in a fight, I’m just thinking to myself, “please don’t be gone, please don’t be gone…” 

Also, a special mention: Ymir and Historia. 

Although their relationship was rather short-lived, I really enjoyed the addition of these two. It’s quite amazing to see each of their personalities evolve through each other, and I appreciated the subtext of their intimacy in the show. 

Having finished the current episodes of AOT in 2022, I can conclude that it has become one of my favourite shows. I really have to commend the show for the portrayal of each character. The battle sequences are one of the most engaging fight scenes I have seen in an anime, and much props are given to the animators who did a great job as well. Also, I get the shivers every time Erwin yells out “SUSUME” to commence the battle. The amount of plot twists keep me engaged in the show, and I find myself gasping each time something new unravels. 

Also, just an additional note, as a slice-of-life watcher, I was thinking, is AOT ever going to have a filler beach episode? 

But alas, this is as far as we can get and I’ll take it xD

I even went to the Attack on Titans exhibition in Singapore, and it’s still on now as we speak. So do go over if you’re a fan as well!

I hope you enjoyed this read! Let’s all hang in there till the final (final final) part of the final season next year! 

Written by: kimizomi

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