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Pan de Peace!

The air is infused with the spirit of anime for Spring. Thank goodness there are now new things to look forward to, and naturally think and write about. I have recognised a few anime adaptations in this new line-up, because I have either bought the manga or sampled the fan scanlations before. In any case, I'm so looking forward to catching and following up on a handful of those. I'm sure that many readers have already started checking off their lists. Today's entry will dwell a little deeper into a few which have piqued my interest. Let's see if any of the stuff here matches yours!

First up is the mouth-watering Pan de Peace!, which is essentially about yummy bread and cute girls who love eating yummy bread. Almost anything that has something to do with food can easily bribe a little of my time. Besides, I had already read the manga before I realised anything about an anime adaptation. It would be ideal not to expect the episodes to be full-length, which I unfortunately did. Yeah, this is another one of those painfully brief series that continues to glorify the glaring mystery of their existence. Do consider the manga at the same time. By the way, what is your favourite bread? Mine is Shio Pan!

A little quick google has revealed a second tankoubon which was recently released on the 26th of March. What a timely complement! Pan de Peace! first introduces Tani Minami, a cheerful, energetic girl who is crazy about bread. She wants to feel the aura of bread (can you?) which I have no idea of, and loves the egg sandwiches that her mother makes. On her first day of school, Minami hopes to befriend some bread buddies, or 'pan-tomo' as she calls it. Her first 'pan-tomo' is Aizawa Yuu, a bespectacled girl who sits next to her. Yuu aspires to become a manga artist, and her favourite bread is curry bread.

The first episode also introduces another 'pan-tomo' Fukagawa Fuyumi, whose family runs a bakery called Fuwafuyu Bakery. She gives Minami a little bag of treats to commemorate their newfound friendship. Fuyumi loves melon bread and cream bread. Towards the end of the first episode, we catch a glimpse of the final 'pan-tomo', a petite girl named Sakura Noa. Noa can be seen clutching a loaf of baguette. It doubles as a weapon (?).

Jeez, now I have an odd craving for some bread! I don't particularly fancy bread much these days, but the occasional unique, refreshing concoction from some bakery does steal my heart. Quite unfortunately, most bread are getting more expensive especially those with a combination of several fillings and such. I don't know about you readers, but one piece of bread can't ease those hunger pangs at all. Even though I love Shio Pan, I'm not that crazy about it. Anyway, Pan de Peace! is therapeutic with its easily overwhelming offering of different types of bread.  

Ah, I suppose that the other titles will have to wait till the next few entries. My mind keeps showing me mental images of bread, bread and more bread! Gosh. Has anybody tried the latest trend - Salted Egg Custard or something like that? Apparently, my classmates from Japanese class have been talking enthusiastically about it. Hmm.

Read more manga. Watch more anime. Eat some bread. Repeat.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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