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Quarantine life: time to catch up on harem.. I mean Isekai Anime & Manhwa!

As cities all around the world go in lockdown, people stay at home for x amount of time. As a responsible citizen myself, I try not to go out too much but as I am a hermit I didn't have a life anyway and never went out so nothing changed really. I caught up on several anime I wanted to watch or needed to catch up on: Rising of Shield Hero, Mirai Nikki (I got some strong opinions on this one but lemme shut up), Boku no Hero Academia, Beastars (still halfway) and lots of Rupaul's Drag Race. I know I'm a little behind, I watched most anime after their 'peak' of popularity had already passed (and some by like a decade, merp).

I just love isekai, ever since I was obsessed with Digimon and Spirited Away as a kid. The most recent one I watched is The Rising of the Shield Hero, which I just finished this morning. To be fair, it was quite entertaining but not as good as Re:Zero, Gate, or That time I got reincarnated as a Slime. Still, it has very strong characters like Raphtalia, which I wish they fleshed out a bit more (I mean that one glimpse of drunk Raphtalia?? That looked HILARIOUS, more of that please!).

 Haaa?? What YOU lookin' at? Drunk Raphtalia looks like someone I'd party with.

And Filo is quite a one-sided character, I know I KNOWWW it's supposed to be this KAWAIII character but I'm in my 30s OK I need more depth and darkness as I am a bitter old woman now to my characters and stories nowadays. And there's so much potential there (I mean that torture bit with Raphtalia..). I kinda hoped they would do the same as Slime, and rescue a lot of slaves/people and make them part of the party. I guess that will happen as at the end of the show they are rebuilding the village and start training people. I somehow really like the heroes from the other world like Glass and L'Arc as well and want them all be freeeeenz. Otherwise it kind of gives this Bokurano feeling, which world is more worth saving? Everyone wants to stay alive/save their own world. 

I really like Glass, she seems to come from this feudal Japan Tokugawa Ieyasu type of timeline/world. I also like this 'stats' kind of feel that this anime has. I'm not a gamer but it's pretty cool to me.
Who wants to hang out with Trash and Bitch anyway. Hopefully this village is the setting to some great stuff! 
And MORE Kung Fu Granny please! Can't they just add her to Naofumi's harem HAHA now THAT I want to see. Some comedy added to his harem :D.

I am also really, really looking forward to this summer as one of my favourite isekai anime will come back: Re:Zero. I loved this show, it gives you the right combination of action, desperation, slice of life, harem and a generous pinch of groundhog day. All these isekai animes have harems, and I'm starting to get tired of it. Rising of Shield Hero, That time I got reincarnated as a Slime (which I REALLY loved by the way, NEXT SEASON PLS OK TNX), Knight's & Magic and etc. Although the latter is more of a mecha based story in isekai, basically the mecha software developer otaku's wet dream. Unfortunately there were only 13 episodes and I followed them in real-time a few years back (one of the few I followed in real-time). I guess I have a love-hate relationship with this genre. The whole moe-moe GOSHUJINSAMA thing is not really appealing to me as a woman. I didn't mind the opposite in Fushigi Yuugi tho ahem ahem. It's a bit too much, can y'all recommend me an isekai anime without all that? I will still watch them but roll my eyes at all the 'goshujinsama's.

Ohhhh .... ROLLS EYES. Of course you too, little cute one. Of course. Even tho this seems kinda illegal as he's practically her dad.

Lately I have stumbled upon this older Webtoon called God of Highschool, which is basically the Korean version of Dragonball in a Tenkaichi Budokai setting with Isekai tropes. We even get to see nyoibo again! And Ox King is a Queen in this version. These 'gods' are like stands in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. It starts out with a tournament trying to decide the best fighter in South-Korea. The winner of the tournament can get their wish granted, any wish (sounds like DB yet?). But during this tournament people get extra powers that appear like stands. These are 'borrowed' powers (from Gods I guess, it's never really clear to me). 

Hello there Sun Wukong, I mean Son Goku, I mean Mori Jin.. Monkey King!

Then we go on a ROLLERCOASTER, we go to isekai while this story is happening as well, go back to the real world, shit goes down, more shit goes down, fights are happening all over. The story is all over the place but somehow I am still holding on for dear life to my rollercoaster seat and definitely in for this ride. Crunchyroll announced that they will release the anime of this, and more! I will definitely check out these other Webtoons as well. The tower of God I already had in Dev's to read list, I will add some more to it after this trailer.

Well that's it for now I guess. I will go finish Beastars and watch some more anime. I want to know what your favourite isekai is, and are there any that I should watch? Am I the only one that gets this annoyed by harem? Let me know your opinions! Please don't attack me for hating harem.

~Written by Devi~

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