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Anime Review: Dr.Stone [Part 2]

While this may be a bit late, I do hope that you can still take some things away from this review as there might some hidden gems that you might have missed in the anime!

I'll be covering what happens in the first few episodes so as to not spoil too much of what happens for the new viewers out there!

With that said, let's get right into it!

Premiered: Summer 2019
Genres: Adventure, Sci-Fi, Shounen
Studio: TMS Entertainment

Once again, if any of you have not yet watch this anime (you definitely should), I'll be leaving a small trailer for you to have an inkling of what you'll be diving into!

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With that out of the way, it's time to introduce some new characters!
Having awakened Taiju, Senku sets out on his path to reclaiming the world with science. Taiju, however, reminds Senku of an important matter. Well, important to himself, that is.
After waiting for over 3000 years, Taiju's pent-up feelings for Yuzuriha surges and he implores Senku to first resurrect her before any plans. I'm quite impressed that his love has still survived several millennia. But then again, it was his love for Yuzuriha that managed to keep him going through these years. Nevertheless, Senku reluctantly agreed.

However, just as they were about to revive her, Senku senses the presence of a, or rather, multiple dangerous threats in the vicinity.
As he swept his gaze through the foliage, Senku realizes that there were many pairs of eyes watching him intently. If it was me in that situation, my legs would have definitely give out due to immense fear towards those animals. As there were no human interference, animals only grew out of their cage and into the wild. As Senku said, mankind are no longer on the top of the food chain in this age of sticks and stones. 
With no choice, Taiju leads Senku to another statue in the forest. This time, it's the body of Tsukasa Shisio, a high school student with immense strength.

Instead of asking questions about the situation, Tsukasa readily accepts and goes about getting rid of the lions chasing the pair. Again, I have no idea how these people stay calm when there are multiple jaws ready to bite on their necks for a scrumptious dinner. After making the ordeal look like taking a walk in the park, Tsukasa introduces himself properly to the team. 

My first impressions of Tsukasa was actually really good. He seemed like an invaluable ally to Senku and could make Senku's ideas come to fruition faster. Alas, not all things are black and white in this world or their world. 

Due to his corrupt ideals of the previous state of the world, Tsukasa lobs off the head of a petrified man in front of Senku. Realizing that Tsukasa was not only an enemy but a dangerous one, Senku decides to withhold all thoughts of collaborating with Tsukasa.

Before that, we get to experience one of the most touching moments in this anime. Honestly, I knew that Yuzuriha was going to be revived from the trailer, but watching it happen made me tear up a bit. After all, waiting 3000 years just to confess your love to someone is not something just anyone could do.

This scene was actually one of the most beautiful scenes in the anime, and also one of my favourites!
At first, I had my thoughts regarding Yuzuriha's resurrection. Ultimately, Senku chose to revive Taiju because he needed his strength to do the manual labor. Tsukasa was revived to get them out of a sticky situation. And while there was not any indication of Yuzuriha's skills, I felt that the precious miracle water that could revive anyone was wasted on her. However, as the episodes goes on, I realized I was direly wrong.
Happiness lasted only a short while however, as Tsukasa is now chasing them. With his immense prowess that was used to take down 5 lions, Senku and the others could not hope to match against him in a brawl. As such, Senku decides to recreate mankind's most powerful and dreadful invention, gunpowder.

As usual, Dr.Stone did not disappoint me in terms of humour. They managed to lighten the mood from the tense chase while adding a bit of knowledge in the bowl as well. They go over on how to recreate gunpowder while also providing some explanations!
Also, just a word of warning, definitely don't try this at home! This is very dangerous!
Please don't do it!
Getting back to the topic at hand, with Tsukasa on their trail, they decide to split with Taiju investigating a potential sign of human life in the distant forest.
However, luck was not on their side that day. Just as Taiju left, the Tsukasa arrives with a grim expression on his face that read, "Either you or I die today." 

After negotiations failed, Tsukasa struck Senku on the back of the neck, effectively killing him in one move. Before that though, Tsukasa had given Senku a way out and that was to either join him or eliminate any thoughts of reviving mankind through science. 

Obviously, Senku could not agree to both of his demands he viewed science as his most important vision which inevitably led to his death.
Unfortunately, Senku died and the story ended abruptly...
Or so you thought!
Being the genius he is, Senku left an inconspicuous hint to Yuzuriha which was that there was still a bit of petrification left on his neck. It was the exact same spot as when Tsukasa struck him!

With a little bit of magic and... actually it's mostly science, Senku comes back to life! 

With his usual smug smirk!
After reviving, his resolve to save humanity through science hardened even further. But first, he had to settle the score with Tsukasa. To do that, Senku decides to create a kingdom, founded by science itself! 

That's it for the review! I do hope that you enjoyed this recap and for those that are on the fence about watching this anime still, you should definitely give it a try!
At this point, I have watched all the episodes and can without a doubt say that this has been a blast to watch. It's a refreshing shower from the others genres that have been reappearing. I'm excited for the character development of Tsukasa because he seems like a cool type of villain! Most importantly, I can't wait to see what Senku reinvents in order to fight against the Tsukasa Empire!
If you do decide to check it out, you can watch Dr. STONE on dimsum over here!
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Last but not least, have a Happy New Year!

Written by Yeon Hee

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