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Star-Myu: High School Star Musical 2nd Season

So I haven't been following the latest line-up of anime as Spring began. A million excuses aside, trying to keep up with even a couple seems daunting to say the least. But hey, Star-Myu is back - I didn't realise that there would be a new season! See, my mind has long wandered off to some distant universe. It used to be my favourite, though the musical pieces were more of an acquired taste to be honest. Team Ootori has returned as sophomores in this new season.

Team Ootori and Team Hiiragi are looking just fine - the comic relief between them never fails to send snorts flying. Though I don't really know just how genuinely impressed they are with each other, it seems that the rivalry still has a friendly vibe somewhere. And those hair colours - is it just me, or have they become a lot brighter this season?

The new season also introduces several new characters - two more teams will join in the battle. Apparently, the sophomores have been bestowed the rare but golden opportunity to star alongside their seniors in their graduation piece - Shadow & Lights. Only five of them will be selected for the musical. By the way, the new teams are Team Yuzuriha and Team Sazanami.

Well, I am rather looking forward to Team Ootori's growth as the new season progresses. The challenge this time seems rather interesting, with more people fighting to attain the act of a lifetime. I am still trying to get used to the characters breaking into song and dance midway - like I have said, it is an acquired taste! Nonetheless, I am still glad to see those familiar faces, in particular Nayuki.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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