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Figure Unboxing and Review: Nendoroid #250: Nendoroid Saber 10th Anniversary Edition

Saber from Fate/Stay Night is one of the few characters that have withstood the test of time, thanks to the many spinoffs featuring different versions of her. There is nary a year that doesn't feature a figure of the stoic King of Knights and Good Smile Company even commemorated Type-Moon's 10th anniversary with a Saber Nendoroid. It was based off the earlier Super Movable Saber Nendoroid and sports shinier armour and accessories. 

Tracking this figure down was no easy feat, as it was manufactured a good five years back. To make things worse, it was only available at Type-Moon Fes and on Good Smile Company's online store at the time. However, with a little good luck and patience, I managed to track one down in mint condition and at a reasonable price to boot.

For those of you wondering what parts are included with this Nendoroid, take a look at my review for Saber's Super Movable Nendoroid. The parts are identical right down to the faceplates but the difference between the two Nendoroids are apparent the moment you open up the blister pack. The extra gloss on the armour and weapons makes a world of difference. Display this alongside the rest of the Fate/Stay Night Nendoroids and you'll understand what I mean. Even the King of Heroes Gilgamesh doesn't have a gleaming gold get-up.

I'm especially impressed with Avalon, the scabbard for Excalibur. It looks more like a miniature version of the sheath you see in the Unlimited Blade Works anime by Ufotable rather than a cheap plastic toy. Excalibur and Caliburn look much better than the ones included in other Saber Nendoroids as well. It's a pity that Good Smile Company does not employ glossy paint more often in their Nendoroid line.

Another downside for this Nendoroid would be how similar it is to the Super Movable one. The differences between the two are only skin deep and the problems I faced in posing the previous one came back to haunt me this time around. I'm not a big fan of 'Super Movable' Nendoroids due to my well-documented lack of dexterity along with flimsy joints at the cost of being able to strike more dynamic poses.

As you can see, I made use of Saber's flexibility to strike a mid-battle pose to provide some contrast to the rest of my Saber Nendoroids which have more static poses. Thanks to my room's bright lighting, the lustrous armour stands out even more than it usually would.

For diehard fans of Saber, this is a must-buy considering it was created to celebrate a milestone in Type-Moon's history and it is the only Saber Nendoroid so far to sport a gleaming set of armour and weapons. For casual collectors, this might not be as appealing because it's identical to the Super Movable one, bar the bling. 

Good Smile Company should have added extra faceplates or other accessories to sweeten the deal and to the more cynical collectors out there, it might have seemed like they were just milking the Saber cash cow at that point of time. I would've belonged to the latter group if I was a collector in 2012 but I'm glad that Nendoroid line has been constantly improving since then, in terms of the variety of characters offered and the accessories provided.

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