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Figure Unboxing and Review: Nendoroid Viktor Nikiforov (Yuri on Ice!!!)

Now we have the next Nendoroid from the hyped series YOI! Viktor Nikiforov is here to join his chibi student, Katsuki Yuri. Unfortunately, I will definitely not be getting Yuri Plisetsky, so the trio will definitely not be united again.

Viktor's box is just another standard Nendoroid box with this shade of teal that matches his eyes. On closer inspection though, it has snowflakes on the front of his box which catches the light (image below). This is similar to Yuri's box.
The blister packaging shows all that he has which includes quite a few exchanges of limbs as well as several accessories which have a role to play in the series, such as the medal and his pet dog, Makkachin. However, we also note that he does have much less accessories as compared to Yuri's Nendoroid.
Viktor is a Nendoroid which is surprisingly easy to pose and comes with a lot of vibrant colors, owing to his hair and eye color matched with his pinkish-purple competition outfit. However, one reason for the ease to pose him may be due to the lack of pose-ability even with his limbs as it comes with limited choices and movement. One example would be how his clothes have a lack of pieces with more flexibility, such as Yuri's waist piece which has a little flexibility to increase how dynamic it is.
It's amazing how his aura can change depending on where Viktor's gaze is directed to!

Also, we can see how detailed his competition outfit is. Not only is there a lovely gradient that changes from a lighter pink to a darker hue, it also comes with the deep purple hem which has pink polka dots. This helps to pull the theme of the outfit to the color pink, which is a warm tone and complements the cool colors that makes up Viktor.
We can see that even from the back of the outfit, the shades are kept consistent and though the design here is pretty simple, the sleek gold embroidery at his shoulder is another cool detail (image below). Even with this minute scale, there is no mis-painting or any paint transfers.
Next up, is Viktor's second faceplate (a sexy grin?) and another of his accessories (flower bouquet). The flower bouquet has two main colors for the flowers, pink and blue, which ties in with his outfit and his eyes respectively. Thus, I find that the color combination and choice for all these different accessories is great.
But I feel that the best part of this Nendoroid is actually the hair. Not only did GSC successfully replicate Viktor's unique hairstyle, but they also made it light and smooth looking.
From the top, there is almost no hint of any hair seam. The loose strand that falls out of alignment in the anime is captured accurately here as well.
The top and back of Viktor's hair are also perfectly sculpted and has a lot of detail with regards to how the individual strands fit with each other.
Lastly, we will look at Viktor's last faceplate and Makkachin.
He just looks so happy with this heart-shaped mouth and adorable blush on his cheek. Makkachin looks very glad to be in the shot as well and is just as fluffy as he appears in the anime.
Of course, Makkachin is fluffy no matter which angle you view him from. And his head is even movable so you can pose him in any direction you'll like!

Which faceplate is your favorite?

~ Reina-rin

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