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I was telling somebody just the other day: Summer and sports go well with each other. In terms of anime, that is. Over here, even the strangest of climate changes can't dispute the reality that we live in a hot and humid environment. But many people wouldn't mind sweating it out under any condition. I have seen people jogging past the long stretch across the bridge from my window on a rainy day. One even ran with a raincoat on. I guess that breaking the routine is still a no-no for many people, unless they are crazy enough to run in the middle of a typhoon or something like that if it happens, which is really crossing the line if you ask me.

Pardon the digression. As I was saying, summer and sports. There must be some kind of chemistry brewing between the two. At least to me, for somebody who doesn't right away dive into anything which requires an athletic stance, getting remotely interested in sports even on fictional ground is a challenge. But I suppose that there is always a first. Now, that is an awfully familiar statement. Anyway, I have talked about soccer in an earlier post. There is also cheerleading which demands strong reflexes and coordination. Today, I want to talk about a third sport that I have never ever imagined of talking.

Yeah, baseball. I remember many years ago, while watching Japan Hour I caught a fine glimpse of a baseball match recap in a news segment or something. That was when I discovered that baseball is the pride and joy of Japan. The deafening sounds around the stadium, the swift movements of the players, the moment when the batter had successfully hit that home run...I didn't quite understand what was going on at that time, but the positive vibes had sort of widened my horizons a little. Well, the ball that had flew so far away had to be the burning image.

So the anime in question is Battery. Pardon my severe ignorance here, for I thought that the anime was about some weird obsession with batteries. Well, it isn't. Curiosity reacted strongly on this one, so I decided to take a peek into the unknown. I wouldn't say that I had been blown away, but I can say that I was at ease with its artistic direction and profound beauty. Most sports anime (using what I have watched as a benchmark) tend to be exploding with adrenaline and increasingly intense over the season. Battery seems contented with going slow and being appreciative of that.

A family had relocated to the countryside at the beginning. The different environment didn't seem too difficult to fit in, as the main character - a junior high-schooler - quickly went for a run around to familiarise with the surroundings. In the middle of it he stopped to imitate a baseball throw, and got spotted by another main character who also happened to be a baseball player himself. Both quickly became acquainted and discovered that they would be attending the same junior high school. They agreed to meet up to practise some baseball moves the following day. Oh, by the way their names were Takumi and Gou respectively.

Gou and his mother dropped by to help Takumi and his family with their stuff from the movers the next day. Gou was originally scheduled to attend his cram school, but he had already made a promise to Takumi, so both of them went into a quiet alley together with Takumi's little brother Seiha. Their grandfather had tagged along in secret. Well, actually Takumi was the only one who didn't know. Quite unfortunately, a little tension had developed between Takumi and Gou while they were playing. But that didn't prevent them from acknowledging the fact that they were fated to form a battery with each other. Hence the title of this anime.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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