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Figure Unboxing and Review: Nendoroid Toyama Kasumi (Bang Dream!)

Do you play Bang Dream's mobile game? Or perhaps you have played it? Or watched the anime? I have watched and used to play the game and while I'm saddened by how the other girls in the other band groups (Roselia, Afterglow, Hello Happy World and Pastel*Palettes) do not have Nendoroids yet.

Assuming that they will get Nendoroids to join Poppin'Party in the future... who do you think that Good Smile Company will make first? While my best girls are mainly in Pastel*Palettes, I think that Roselia and Hello Happy World are generally the most popular bands so I'll expect to see their Nendoroids first!

Now, let's get back to Kasumi!

Pink is the main color of Kasumi... maybe? And this box has a ton of red and pink. It does suit her unique red hair clips which make the whole box look much more whole in terms of color combinations.
If you order this from GSC, it comes with an exclusive background sheet which you can display all members of Poppin'Party (or other Nendoroids if you prefer) in front of it. It does look slightly off with the Popipa members in their school uniforms though, and I hope they will come up with new outfits for them in the future.

Note that the exclusives for other Popipa members are also background sheets but they all show different places which makes it great if you like to have them "move around town" using all these different background sheets.
Her blister does look quite packed and I must say that I am glad that it has so many different accessories, especially the 2 different guitars which creates versatility and can be used with other Nendoroids as well.
Something rather new here is how they packaged the base. Usually it comes in just a thin plastic pack which is secured with sticky tape. For Kasumi, it comes sealed (image above). It is much more secure and all the parts can be packed easily into their respective portions of the plastic and easily kept. Previously, the pegholes of the base makes it difficult to have the stand and neckpiece slid in to the bad as well. Though it is more troublesome to take out the base, I find it much more convenient!

Let's take a look at the figure itself (or would it be herself in this case?)

We can see that her default smiling faceplate is really cute, with such a glamorous smile. This is really reminiscent of Kasumi's bright and bubbly personality in the anime as well as in the game.
Kasumi also comes with several plastic sheets to prevent paint transfers during transport. However, that doesn't stop it from being subjected to some poor painting job by Good Smile Company. For example, the red arrow in the image above shows how some of the white paint went out of the boundaries. GSC could have really done a better job here.
Let's look at another part of her sculpt -- her hair. This is one of the best sculpted hair for a Nendoroid. There is a lot of detail to the flow of her hair, especially at the back of her hair. Her unique hairstyle of having the kitty ears does not look out of place even in 3D form.
The top of her hair has no visible seam line as well, and has appropriate shading to show the different dimensions and layers in her hair.
In addition, the two trademark hairpins which Kasumi always has on adds to the color palette by standing out against her brown hair.

Kasumi also comes with accessories which are not commonly seen in other Nendoroids. One example is her guitar, in bold red!
It comes with a lot of star motifs, making good of the tagline Kasumi always uses -- "sparkly". The bold red suits Kasumi's flashy personality as well, which makes sense why Kasumi likes this guitar so much!

There's a ton of details on the front of the guitar, including all the cogs and  strings accurately. The black strap that goes around the Nendoroid is actually flexible. However, I don't know if it is easily
The back of the guitar is rather plain but this is definitely not the side which you would be viewing this Nendoroid from since it is supposed to be against the Nendoroid itself!
Kasumi also comes with an alternate guitar part which can be used when you are posing the PoppinParty cast going home after practice! Of course, this is held via a peg which links the stand to the Nendoroid itself, and thus can be used with other Nendoroids as well.

The level of detail here is slightly less than on the guitar itself but we still see different compartments on the guitar bag, demarcated by the different layers. The logo is printed/painted crisp and clear as well.
The back of the guitar has a little detail as well. The straps which hook onto the Nendoroid shoulders are obviously not tight and thus having the stand through the peg is really essential for keeping this accessory up flush against the Nendoroid's back.

Needless to say, Kasumi also comes with several limbs for posing her with the guitar, such as a hand to hold it and a guitar pick. Of course, you can choose other hands to suit the image of her on-stage before a song, and that wouldn't be strange either with the guitar hanging off the strap around her.

~ Reina-rin

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