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Figure Unboxing and Review: Goddess Madoka Awake version (Banpresto)

When we have Homura, we will have Madoka too. Picking these up at a deal on my trip to Japan and saving shipping costs is one of the better options when it comes to prize figures for me. Madoka is my favorite character in the series and I just had to have her :)
Similar to Homura, she comes in a 2 part-pack, with the base on one side and the figure on the other. She is also lying flat on the base and thus will have the same features as Homura did.
Firstly, her base in in a wing shape which is similar to Homura's base. Despite the shape of this base not matching with Madoka's own wings, it helps to bring the two separate base pieces together and make it into a full circle.

Just like Homura's base, it shows a wing printed on it, and this is the image of Madoka's own goddess wing. That being said, when Madoka lies on it, the pattern is also mostly hidden.

Now, let's take a look at Madoka's figure itself.
 Madoka's expression looks quite forlorn and the way she is looking away from Homura reminds me of the time when she still doesn't know about Homura going through all the different timelines for her.

I also like how her ponytails are splayed out but more importantly than that...
I love how the rest of her hair cascades to the base. It's a really pretty sight and the fact that her hair is pink makes all the different layers stand out more than Homura's flat black. Despite that there isn't much shading done by Banpresto, shadows cast by the normal lighting are more visible against light pink than black, thus Madoka's hair seems to have more dimension than Homura's did.
Madoka's outfit is very detailed as well. Her ribbons are large and puffy and her garments are adequately creased. I like the touch of red against the expanse of her white outfit as well as the frills and ruffles on her dress.
Unlike Homura, her dress only has a few layers and hence does not show that many levels of dynamism from the attire alone. What makes this attire great is that even the underside which is mostly hidden is painted--and painted well with purple and white dots as stars. This depicts the "universe" which Madoka now has under her care.

The wing accessories on her heels are really cute and eye-grabbing as well.
However despite all of these good points, one of the points which I dislike is the visible hair seam on Mdoka's head. Hair seams have never been something I fancied but since this is a prize figure, it can be overlooked.
Similar to Homura's figure from the same line, the underside of the figure is completely flat as well. Despite so, there are still details shown here with all the creases.
Placing the two figures together with their hands touching must be one of the most touching moments for any collector and fans of the series!

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