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Figure Unboxing and Review: Nendoroid Matsumae Ohana

This Nendoroid is one of the classics and have been evading me for the longest time. It didn't rise crazily in price like many of the other Nendoroids I have been looking for have been, but I just always fail to order her whenever she comes into the preowned section. 
Fortunately, I managed to grab one from Mandarake when I was in Japan for holiday a couple of months ago. I was prepared for all the plasticizer and stuff since she has been labelled as unopened (and this figure is really old!) but what was unexpected was that her neck joint broke.

As you may know, she is part of the older line and that means they have the joint stuck to the faceplate and you couldn't just poke it out like the newer Nendoroids. This mishap put me back from my posting schedule a few weeks and I damaged one of her body (the body I bought her for =.=) so I guess Ill have to look for another copy of this Nendoroid. Meanwhile, that's enough of my rambling and let's get started with the review already!
People tend to say that the older Nendoroids had more expressive boxes and I'm obliged to agree because this box really suits Ohana and while it has the same feel with the window and Nendoroid number and name in the same place as all the older Nendoroids, the pink flowery background really makes this seem like a box specially made for Ohana.
The back of the box has her in some of the poses you can put the Nendoroid in and showcases some unique parts she comes with, such as the bondage body and gag as well as the tools she uses while on her job in the inn! There really is a whole range of items in this Nendoroid, while does make the purchase worth it.
Right up we have the blister shot to showcase everything she comes with. Three face plates, an extra body (with kneeling parts), the gag, ryokan equipment and last but not least, our bird friend.
Bird friend has a blue to white gradient and can actually stand on his own. Other than that, he just looks usually hyper, which is alright if you are going with the official pose where he is building rapport with Ohana. But alone... well Bird friend just looks slightly insane.

But putting that aside, this is one of the additions in the Nendoroid, so let's take a few shots of him before moving on to the figure itself!

Ohana is a girl who always does her best and seeing her smiling and finally enjoying her job always makes me happy. This Nendoroid makes me remember this feeling again (thank you good smile).

First up is her default smiling faceplate.
We can see that they kept her curly hair as best as they can in Nendoroid form and it actually looks very cute. The flower shaped hairpins which are part of her style and trademark are clipped on as well. She is also in her working attire and we see that although it looks simple, it comes with many details that makes it worth it, such as the folds at her sleeve where it's bunched up and the ribbon at her waist. The red cloth around her hips have adequate creases as well.
The back of the figure also keeps the creases realistic and comes with more ribbons and the sash to keep up the sleeves. I like that they kept all the elements of her working attire on point and detailed even when shrunk to a 10cm figure.

Even the pin at her chest is there too! And it isn't very clear in this photograph but it has all the flower ornaments on the pin in the sculpt as well.
The next part of this Nendoroid which I want to point out is the alternate body as this is one of a kind in the Nendoroid world as well. This features a comedic scene where she was kidnapped in the series and this looks hilarious with the angry face with and without the gag. I feel that the light blush on the Nendoroid's face makes it even funnier.
Apart from all the bindings around her front, the back also has more bindings. These arms are removable and can be used wit the other body part too, but due to the placement of her sleeves, these hands would only work if her arms are held behind her back.

After sliding the arms into place, then you will put the red thread over her wrists to make it look like she's all tied up.
 And just like what I mentioned before, even with the gag in place, she still looks pretty hilarious.

Next up are a few images to show Ohana at work with carrying the trays and using the broom. Enjoy!

Thanks for reading!
~ Reina-rin

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