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Things you can probably do with SGD$37.29

... Instead of spending it all on some intangible stuff.

(Let me explain.)

So the year draws to a close, and on the eve of the new year I found myself in one corner of my relative's room, hiding from whatever the rest of the people were watching in the living room. I did not particularly like what was on the TV and wished to drown out the sound, so I opened the love live application (the only game I seem to be spending time on these days...) and semi-blasted the background music.

Somehow, the limited edition package for the month seemed like an even more ideal choice to soothe my troubled mind then. The new set of Aqours cards available for scouting right after the event today is by far the prettiest I've seen, and the urge to scout from the set is as large as my headache over the amount of loveca stones I have currently.

(Life isn't always fair.)

The limited edition package currently available gives a ticket to scout once for a card SR or above, and a 10+1 scout in the main box, as illustrated below: (one for muse, one for aqours)

And before I knew it, I've donated SGD$37.29 to klab for an Aqours limited edition package. Here are my spoils:

Let's see... 3 SRs... so that will be around $13 per SR?

In comes my internal monologue, berating the choice I made. It went something like this:

1. Could have bought a few tubs of ice cream with that amount of money.

Favourite flavour. Because belgian chocolate is better than original chocolate.

In addition, if you call dibs on one tub, it could probably last like around 3 anime episodes or maybe 1 depending on how fast it's being eaten. Either way, it's probably still more enjoyable than less than 1 minute of anticipation of whether you will ever get something good out of your scouts. (I didn't, but it still wasn't the worst so I'm satisfied anyway.

But still.)

The probable downside to having ice cream during anime watching is that it's unhealthy; time to make a new year's resolution then: exercise more. And maybe cut down the time taken to stare at screens everyday.

2. Remember the line stickers you had been eyeing? With that amount of money, you could have bought more than 10 different sets for yourself and maybe gifted a few more to some friends.

(Just some examples)

Ouch. And even if I did that I figured I wouldn't even have to use 37 dollars.

3. That would be a nice amount of money to donate to charities.

Another new year's resolution for me, then. Everytime I feel the urge to spend literal cash on this game, I will take out that red cross envelope and pledge the amount I want to spend. That way I will be so cashless I won't be able to spend anymore on frivolous stuff. :T

But always easier said than done, and there's also the next point...

4. Could've saved that up for future merchandise releases.
Well I do think this bungo stray dogs badge set at 3456 yen is very cute

No wait, this one at 5184 yen might be better. (I have a soft spot for acrylics)

Or how about this one, where they finally finally finally made omanjuus for kuroko no basuke at 4650 yen per box?

Or how about this set where everyone just looks fabulous at 2820 yen


5. That could buy me some nice clothes which I am clearly lacking.

I see many posts from various people around me, reflecting on 2016, thinking of what was good and what was not and their wishes for the new year. I guess in a way I'm doing that too here, and I'll be sure to spend my savings on more tangible items like ice cream, merchandises and gifts for people, instead of donating to klab. Who knows, I may contact klab to join me with donating to the needy.

Time may be a concept, but it's certainly good to pause once in a while to muse over stuff. Have fun partying today and merry new year everyone! Here's to another year with more exciting stuff.

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