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CharaExpo 2015~

Hi guys! Ok… I have no words... Umm… Wie Geht’s Dir?

Anyway, here I am talking to you guys about an event that happened a week ago in my area but it has already been done by Nana. Talk about being late for the party. 

CharaExpo was held at Singapore Expo Hall 7 from 10am to 6pm. Well for both days, I went at around 2.30pm to 3pm and it was surprisingly crowded for an event that was held for the first time this year. When I arrived, there were already quite a handful of people going back home with the merchandises that they bought. 

I felt out of place for a moment, as I didn't intend on buying anything there so going back home empty handed felt slightly weird.

When I went through the entrance, I was quite overwhelmed by the atmosphere, just like every single time I go to an event. Haha… I am still not used to the energy given off by people attending such events. Argh! They’re so bright!

The first thing I did was to walk around the area for a few rounds, soaking in the culture and the vibes radiating from the different booths, to the music, to the displays and the people walking around this really tight pathways.

There weren’t as much booth selling goodies at the event but there were quite a number of stuff being sold. Some big names set up booths there. Just to name a few are Good Smile Company, Kotobukiya and Visual Art Kei, where they was a bit of a preview for the upcoming anime airing this summer, Charlotte (actually a few more days) and also getting a glimpse of the Angel Beats!-1st beat-

There were two big booth or area, which it’s more likely to be called. At the top right of the hall, was of course an area for duelling, cards wise. 

Yes, quite a big area for Vanguard, Weiss Schwarz etc. It reminds me of an event called ACME that I attended way back when I was in secondary school. They dedicated a huge area for Vanguard then. Compared to then, players that day seem more casual. They also teach people thinking of getting in the game how to play. It was quite interesting to watch (since I walked around the hall for most of the time I spend there). The area next to it was something else entirely. It’s a fight on it’s own. The wrestling area, where Japan’s wrestlers show off their skills in this great sport. Despite watching from afar, I could feel the tension in the air, the struggles, the bitter loss and sweet victory. 

Even the audiences were immersed in the fights. The “Oohs” and the “Aahs” were heard quite often for various moves they make. It was really entertaining to watch it live as you can actually see them taking blows from being thrown around.

While walking around, there was another thing that caught my eye, which I really hope it to be incorporated in other future events. They had this puzzle solving game for anybody and everybody that entered. When I first entered the hall, they gave me a bag containing some stuff from Vanguard, a fan etc. But besides that, was a question sheet for the mystery game, “Angelic Howl~Jungle Labyrinth” where players play as Amane Suou in her quest to escape the forest. 

It was fascinating to see attendees trying their best to solve the riddles placed around the area as I was making multiple rounds. Though maybe not a mystery game, but something more active like a race from one end of the hall, weaving through the booths and crowd, just to get to the other end. Isn’t that fun? Maybe not though as it might bother the other attendees but I would participate if that were to happen. Just thinking aloud.

For both days, I became really awkward communicating with cosplayers as I have gotten used to being with people when going to such events. Haha… What have I become…?

Well then, hereon lies my stash of photos, though it isn't as much as how I usually take. Haha… My camera charger broke/blow so I was taking pictures scarcely, saving some charge to use on other days like an upcoming Cosfest on the 11th and 12th of July.

Enjoy! (You might notice that there are more photographs of figurines than actual people. Haha… That’s me… Being shy… and alone…)

Mata ne~

Written by Zwei


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