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High☆Speed! Movie

 It was just like any other day, trawling through endless videos on YouTube. Then a small thumbnail of blue catches my eye, and then the image of an anime character, it was an all too familiar, dark blue haired guy. What was it? It was the new teaser trailer of the upcoming High Speed! Movie! 

Hmm…saying I fangirl-ed is a major understatement, but now that I’ve calmed down, with some restraint I shall deliver the news. 

Let’s see I’ve been waiting for this teaser for some time now, and (yes I realise that I’m a couple of weeks late, but better late than never right?) while the first teaser they dropped was nothing much, the one that KyoAni finally got down to posting is something worth squealing about. Ah haha~

Let’s take a look at the latest teaser first (translations, to my best ability, are down below):


At that time, where the future started.

The youth which depend on swimming.

The revival of those exciting memories.

From the origins of Free!

Comes an all new movie, High Speed!

Swimming with your friends, seeing a sight you’ve never seen before.

And breaching new horizons.

High Speed - Free! Starting Days-.


What is High Speed! and why you should get excited about it (at least for majority of the girls…haha…^^”)? It’s basically the prequel of Free! Iwatobi Swim Club that was first released two years back. The anime experienced lots of hype and definitely became wildly popular, with plenty of merchandise, doujins, and drama CDs~

 High Speed! would thus, be the retelling of our favourite character's childhood, and what brought them into swimming and how their love for the sport started. Much excitement! Though there are speculations that beloved Rei would not be featured in the movie since, it is about our original Iwatobi boys, but we shall wait for the official statement/ synopsis about that from KyoAni. Can you already imagine the cuteness and intense action that will ensue!

When is the release date of the movie? As seen in the video, it would be released on 5th December 2015 in Japan! Yay! But you’d probably have to give it a few months for it to be subtitled, and international release of the movie is still uncertain.

Excited?! Then to tide you over definitely check out the High Speed! light novel here! As well as re-watch Free!

Till next water time!

Written by Neko

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