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Singapore Toy Game & Comic Convention STGCC 2018

Heyheyhey my little nuggets!! 

Welcome back to my ramblings, where I'll be covering STGCC this time round!! I missed last year's due to studies, sadly, but I am back and was more excited than ever to attend '18's! I'd say STGCC and AFA are usually the most highly anticipated events of the year, although Doujima is rapidly catching up. 

The exhibition spaces were rocking as usual, there was too much to cover and see all in one day, and when it came to photos, you'd have to wait to take one with a clean background, or forgo the wait and just snap with everyone in the background. 

this!! this is too cute
Not going to lie, I barely know only about half of the subjects in the photos I'm posting up, but they were too cool to not take?? Also, only while uploading these did I realize that I've taken them all in square mode.. I'm sorry...... I obviously am not a proper photographer.....

this one is super cool1!!

Some Digimon and this one amazing Shenron!!

These figures though!! 

I chanced upon a Dr Who booth tucked away in a corner!! 

it's so hard to take photos of things in cases

I personally felt that this year's artist alley seemed to be a little sad? Maybe it was the huge amount of walking space that made it seem less crowded? Or maybe just not as many participated in boothing since we just had Doujima earlier this year? Either way, I ended up spending only about 50% of my budget at STGCC, with more than half on the books I got at the Kinokuniya booth. They had a twenty percent off sale on Sunday, and I had the budget to spare. 

one piece nanos!!!!
There weren't as many cosplayers walking the convention either, or maybe it just wasn't the right time? I know there were more cosers on the second day than the first, though I didn't bump into many and had to actively search them out. There are definitely many more outside of the hall, either taking a rest or having shoots by the natural lighting, but you might have to squeeze amongst the big DSLRs to get a shot. 

Here are some that I managed to get! 

look at the rubber chicken lmao
sugamama!! but without dadchi

too cute!!! it's illegal!!!! TT

i squeezed through a bunch of people for this, so glad i managed to get a posed shot

i ran in platform heels for this christ i almost died
Overall, was this STGCC worth it? The exhibits definitely were amazing; it wouldn't be STGCC without them, but something was missing. Not sure if the crowd was smaller, but the atmosphere was a tad off. Still glad I attended though, missing this would have been quite a bummer. 

For now, nerd out!!

Written by: ninetylives

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