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Milkcananime Characters - Kaki Chan the Oyster and Tama Chan

Kaki-chan (The orange-yellowish Oyster)

Name : Kaki-chan
Released : 7 Feb 2016
Platform : Goodies Stamps
Creator : Milkcananime 

An orange-yellowish oyster enclosed on its protective grey shell, kaki-chan lives in the depth of ocean. He is a mischievous amorphous creature, and expresses his moods via the number of "bumps" he has on his head. His best friend (and only friend) is Tama-chan, a white little pearl who shares the same shelf as him. He is very protective over Tama-chan and would not allow anyone to go near him. Apart from sleeping up to 18 hours a day, the rest of the day is time spent playing with Tama-chan and other creatures wandering near him. Kaki-chan is always inquisitive and sometimes do get into trouble of his own.

A white little pearl who shares the same enclosure with Kaki-chan. Mild in nature, he is the happiest when Kaki-chan hugs him. Tama-chan likes to ask highly innocent/naïve questions. He sleeps most of the day but sometimes end up waking up at the other corner of the shelf because Kaki-chan kicks in his sleep. Unlike Kaki-chan who is an ambivert, Tama-chan is timid in nature.

Kakichan says "Hello"

Kakichan is strong and lifts weights

When sleeping outside is so much cooler

Kakichan likes to keep himself clean and fresh

Tamachan loves to sleep his troubles away

Kakichan loves his little best friend

More snoozing time for both of them

Good boy Tama-chan

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Written by Max

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