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「Book Review」Angel Beats! Background Illustration Collection

As I mentioned before, Angel Beats! is one of those old shows that I watched but never did get into it much. However I have friends who love the series to bits and here is another book from their Angel Beats! loot this summer holiday~

This is a collection of art, featuring character art and backgrounds but I find that the proportion is tilted toward more of the latter than the former. If you are a fan of Angel Beats! background art, this would most likely be a book you don't want to miss!

Here's the front (image above) and back (image below) of the book. As usual, I will not be reviewing every single page of the book and just a few pages in each section to make sure I briefly cover a general idea of what the book contains. I love to know what kind of stuff each book has before purchasing it so I figured that others might want to know as well. If you have the same mindset as myself, I hope that this review would be of some help to you!

As mentioned, the first part consists of character art and information. As any other book with this section, you see a front and back pose as well as several facial expressions. This also includes several different poses of the character featured, such as the sitting Otonashi-kun.

The next section onward are mostly on backgrounds but we see a whole part dedicated solely to background art based in the school. As the school plays such an important role in the whole storyline, it is reasonable to focus and expand on this.

We even get to see the school buildings at different times of the day and if I may add on, I love how the lighting looks in Angle Beats!

There are also some background art that's more focused on the environment rather than the school buildings itself. This increases my love for the background art as the lighting of the sky and clouds make the images look so pretty~

The last section has lineart of the buildings and we are thrown back to the production times of Angel Beats! Looking at all of these make it seem like I'm involved in the production (and not just consumption) somehow!

I love lineart works and this is no different :D

Enjoyment is nearly at 8/10 even for someone who isn't in the fandom. I can definitely appreciate this book and all the effort put into the drawings! Now, let me return to flipping through this gorgeous book!

Written by Reina

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