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Happy Lunar New Year!!

Okay, so a nabe isn't the same as steamboat. But still...

Hello readers, it is the year of the Monkey. Get those bananas out. For those of us who have had reunion lunches or dinners, if you had a disappointing one you are not alone. Mine was so horrid that I had to drink quite a bit of tea to ease the suffering palate. I envy folks who gathered round the table for steamboat. I want to have steamboat instead of some fancy eight-course dinner at a restaurant. The preparation for steamboat can be daunting though, but at least people should be able to eat what they really want. The mouth-watering combination of fishballs, meatballs, beancurd, imitation crab sticks, mini dumplings, thinly-sliced meat, bits and pieces definitely beats what I had to endure for this year's reunion dinner.

Don't worry, I won't throw my banana at you! <3

Speaking of monkeys, I have always carried a soft spot for irresistibly cute ones that preferably have half-peeled bananas stuck in-between their joints or on one hand. Some of those remind me of Lupin from MapleStory, except that in the latter you might want to seriously consider your character's well-being while stepping foot into the forest. How I miss those days of fun gaming. The idea of getting pelted at by cursed bananas still sends a stitch in my stomach. Getting killed by one is even more hilarious. Just don't try that too often. Every bit of experience point counts. As for the actual monkeys down at the nature reserve, it would be wise to avoid them like the plague. A poor hiker once thought that it would be a good idea to socialise with the monkeys. His fate remains open to interpretation.

Some friends and acquaintances have already gone abroad to escape the downside of the festive season. Whether it is braving the congested roads through the neighbouring country or a more peaceful cruise over the calm waters, I'm certain that being away does preserve one's sanity and soul in some way. I don't think that anybody I know has gone to Japan though. There is the 67th Sapporo Snow Festival which has already started and will run till the 11th of February for Odori and Susukino. Tsudome will end its festival much later on the 18th of February.

Ah, how I would love to have snow falling over here. While I understand that winter is quite frankly a harsh, brutal affair which could well disrupt the general flow of things especially for vehicles, sidewalks, pretty much everything if anybody were to be bitter about the situation, I still believe that in the midst of all that madness lies a great load of wicked fun. By that, I mean snowball fights and building a sinister-looking snowman outside my neighbour's apartment. Okay, I should probably rid my mind from anything morbid, considering that there is still a bit of sugar being sprinkled about. Winter in Japan would someday become an actual part of my memories.

Thank You with LOVE! <3

As many of us continue to spread the cheer and joy of Lunar New Year (okay who am I kidding? It is already pretty boring!) with mandarin oranges, red packets, lots of binging, formulaic television specials, annoying and still-okay relatives, blah blah blah, let's not forget to express our gratitude to those who are working throughout the long weekend. One of my friends is working as well. Thank you all for your continuous hard work! I wish everybody good health, better prospects in either career or study, and good times with family and friends. Happy Lunar New Year!

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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