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Dagashi Kashi

Dagashi Kashi was one of the few titles that caught my attention when I first browsed through the list of anime that would be airing during the 2015/2016 Winter season. Its premise intrigued me, because how could an anime about candy go wrong, right? 

Even the title is a play on words, with it either meaning ‘cheap, Japanese sweets’ or ‘however’. Throw in two girls who will have viewers arguing across episode discussion threads over who wins the ‘Best Girl’ title and I was sold.

Even though the anime finished its run a month ago, I’m still able to vividly remember the various sweets and snacks that were introduced, with more than a few being familiar to me and most Asian viewers, I’d bet. Not forgetting the various situations that protagonist Shikada Kokonotsu and gang landed themselves in, along with the history and trivia for each snack, sweet or treat.

I’m glad with how Feel handled Dagashi Kashi’s anime adaptation, with the original manga having a faster pace due to its comedic nature. The studio has added its own touches and slowed the pace down in order to fit the 12-episode format without each one feeling draggy and less entertaining. 

Each episode follows a similar formula of introducing a certain snack, along with its history, variations and even different methods of consumption. The characters’ gags and interactions revolve around the treat being featured, more often than not and form the base for much of the anime’s humour.

However, the anime isn’t without its flaws. Viewers looking for an intricate plot or even love triangle-esque romance between Saya, Hotaru and Kokonotsu can look away. The main focus of the series would be on the candy being introduced in each episode and character development is often overlooked because of that. 

I’m disappointed that the anime didn’t take the chance to address each character’s backstory and history more, feeling like a prisoner to the featured candy each episode. It felt like a wasted opportunity at times, especially with such an entertaining cast.

Dagashi Kashi doesn’t take itself seriously and it’s a nice series to watch after a long day at work or after one too many episodes or chapters involving death, war, politics and the like.

The animation is well-polished, having an amazing opening and ending theme and soundtrack to boot. It was lucky to have been placed in a less competitive season, or else I might not have discovered it at all.

Written by ET

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