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It's a Day for a Feel-Good show

An anime a day keeps a bad mood away 一 especially if it’s a feel-good one. Comfort anime are my favourite to binge. If that’s the same for you, here are some wholesome watches for you.

  1. Gakuen Babysitters

I can barely go five minutes into this anime without squealing. This show, in a nutshell, is about a group of students in a babysitters club, taking care of babies. Our protagonist is a kind-hearted boy, Ryuuichi, who comes with a little baby brother of his own named Kotaro. 

Quiet, well-behaved sweet Kataro paired with cheerful and gentle Ryuuichi make the most wholesome duo. Their interactions can melt the most cold-hearted person into a gooey mess of “Awwwww, that’s so cute!”. 

As an episodic series, this show lets you accompany the students and babies while they face their ups and downs together; particularly Ryuuichi’s interactions with the people around him and how they impact each others’ lives. Other characters include the stone-faced handsome Kamitami, his tsundere baby brother, and many more.

With Gakuen Babysitters, it is simply a lighthearted anime meant to watch without much thought or worry. So sit back, enjoy the pastel visuals and prepare to get bombarded by cuteness.

  1. Handa-Kun

Sometimes when I find a binge-worthy anime, it surprises me how little people know of it. Handa-kun is one of them. A prequel of the anime Barakamon, this can easily be watched as a standalone series (that’s what I did). 

Handa is the most popular student in his school. Looks and fame 一 he has the two traits anyone would yearn for. What’s the issue then? Well, he doesn’t believe he possesses any of that. Instead, he deeply believes that he is the most hated student in school. 

And that, my friends, is the highlight of this anime. It also makes up 90% of the show’s comedy, the remaining 10% being the absurdity of the people around him. 

Convinced that his entire school hates him with a burning passion, Handa goes to extreme means to cope with this mindset. From jumping into alleys to avoid schoolmates to treating a love letter as a challenge letter, you will be guaranteed a hearty laugh at the ridiculousness of it all. 

For some reason, despite his deep insecurities and abnormal behaviour, Handa has unknowingly crossed paths with and made a memorable impression on some rather… interesting people. 

Introducing the Handa Squad: We have an obsessive and uptight class president, a “painfully average” boy, a flashy model, and a former-femboy-turned-gangster. Not enough? There’s also a borderline yandere and an extreme-feminist student council president to add to the spice. 

Watch this anime without expecting anything and you’ll have the time of your life. Side effects include the desire to watch the original series, known as Barakamon. 

  1. Saiki K

Saiki K is hands down, one of my favourite animes ever. And in my opinion, it’s also one of the funniest. I’m not sure if I can bring justice to how great this series is, but I’ll try my best. 

Saiki Kusuo, a deadpan high school student, is a powerful psychic who thinks his powers are a curse. Psychokinesis? You bend spoons all the time when you try to eat. Telepathy? You hear the nonsense that everyone at a certain distance from you is thinking. X-ray vision? You see everything as just bones and flesh. 

One of his main goals is to stay lowkey and prevent anyone from finding out about his powers. However, despite his stoic and quiet character, Saiki attracts a variety of the most unusual and unique people. 

The list contains a 16-year-old who thinks he has hidden powers meant to save the world, a girl who deems herself to be “perfect” both inside and out, a tough-looking guy who’s so dim-witted that Saiki can’t even read his thoughts, and many many more. Despite having a bunch of characters, you don’t get tired of them and each of them is memorable (and weird) in their own way.  

Every episode is only around five minutes, which is perfect for those with short attention spans like me. Despite being a comedy taking place in a school setting, every episode keeps you on your toes and cracks you up in its own way. Its humour is extremely fast-paced so by the time you’ve registered the joke, it hits you with yet another one, leaving you in a constant laughing state. 

To fully understand the gold of this anime, you have to give it a try yourself. If you find yourself rewatching it obsessively for the next few weeks… you’re welcome. 

P.S. A bonus anime: Tanaka-Kun is always listless

I think the title explains the show itself. Top it off with an adorable boy and off you go! 

Written by Potato.

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