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For Beginner Figure Collectors #08: Color Colle and Bath Defo

To All,

I'll start by introducing more varieties of trading figures, namely Color Colle and Bath Defo in this article; Swing, Instant noodle stopper and Ochatomo another time.

Color Colle
Color Colle is a figure line by Movic and each one of them is around 6cm tall. From what I know, most Color Colle are usually key-chains. Similar to most trading figures, the advantage of getting trading figures would be how collectors are able to get more figures of more characters with smaller amount of expenses. Also, they take up less space than normal sized figures and can be brought around more easily (especially for the key-chain Color Colle). Moreover, Color Colle often cover more obscure shows which are not graced with scale figures or the like.

Gekkan Shoujo's Color Colle is one of the best Color Colle sculpts I've seen so far. Be sure to get one set for yourself if you are a fan of the  series Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun! These figures would definitely serve as a good reminder of all the times you laughed in the series!

However, the disadvantage would be that Color Colle do not usually have high quality control, and there are many instances where I can find the sculpts of Color Colle's faces turning out to be weird. An example would be the Love Live! very first Color Colle set.

For this Love Live! Color Colle set, I had my doubts to the prototype sculpts where I didn't like some details (such as Rin's eyes) but I decided to get them as they were cheap. However, my copy of the Color Colle was really disappointing. The skin color of the figures were two shades darker than the promotional photograph (above) and they had much deeper set eyes. I also realized that since trading figures are much smaller, placing them in a well-lit LED equipped detolf led to their bangs casting a strong shadow on their faces and creating the typical 'yandere' look.

Setting my love for yanderes aside, I think it's obvious that this isn't my favourite Color Colle set. I do adore the Gekkan Shoujo's Color Colle set though.

Bath Defo

Bath Defo is a line by Milestone and honestly, I have never come across this company until they came out with these Bath Defo figures. Prior to these figures, Milestone actually had Bath Defo rubber straps! As an example, I'll use the Bath Defo strap of Cocoa and Chino from Gochuumon wa Usagi Desuka?

As you might have expected from the name of the line and the strap, the Bath Defo figures come under the theme of "Bath" and "Deformed figures" which would mean the figures of this line are all in chibi form (hence deformed, as bad as the term sounds) come in a bathtub.

So far, I've only seen two Bath Defo figures going up for pre-order. Unfortunately, I do not keep track of this line and would probably not, thus I can't be sure if there would be any further additions to this line of figures.

Here's to the fans of Misaka Mikoto of the popular To Aru series!
And if a female in a bathtub doesn't suit your tastes, have Nanase Haruka from another popular series, Free!
From Your Fellow Collector

Written by Reina-rin

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