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Japan Merch Haul 2016

Hello my fellow nerds!

I recently went on a trip to Japan mainly for the sakura season, but when in Japan, do as the otakus do, and shop till you're broke. Which was what I did, literally.

I shall skip over the parts where I visited the musuems and other places, since I want to mostly focus on the anime merch this post! Maybe I'll do one on the sightseeing spots.. maybe?

Meiji Shrine
Right. So my trip was mostly eating, shopping, walking, hanami, shopping, sightseeing, and more shopping. We went to several touristy spots, as all tourists must, and then went to the otaku sightseeing spots, as all otakus must. I made a trip to J-world, which was amazeballs, and then also to the Pokemon Centre (because, duh), but I skipped over the One Piece tower because I didn't realise the tickets were costly and I was getting quite broke.

I also went to Akiba, where there are giant malls dedicated to anime and the like. Definitely a must-go. Most of my merch came from Animate, which is a giant mall of Anime (as if the name wasn't obvious enough). However, my merch is a compilation from the different Animates, as different outlets have different types of merch.

one whole building
The biggest and heaviest loot I got was the doujins, because duh, shippers unite! Sad to say, I actually did not buy any KnB ship doujins, but I did purchase the HQ! ones because (Oikawa and Iwa-chan, seriously.) I also bought those x Reader ones because I like to live a life of fantasy, so please spare me.

And then some random other ones:

Other than the KnB character x Reader doujins, I also bought the Oikawa one because why not? There were only Kageyama and Oikawa so no contest there for me. Honestly I'm glad there were only those two for selection because I would have bought a shit ton if they had the other characters. Also quickly grabbed a Miyuki x Kuramochi because they are so hilarious together and the whole doujin turned out to be crack, which is my fav genre next to angst. (KnB merch and doujins will be featured next post!)

After the doujins come the misc merch, of which I bought a little (or a lot) for every fandom I'm in. I'm not very into Touken Ranbu considering I was unable to play the game, but I am into Nakigitsune and Shishiou so i grabbed some merch of them too.

I mostly have HQ! merch, AoD merch, YWPD merch (AND S03 IS SOON PRAISE THE HEAVENS), and KnB merch, but I did buy some others as well. (Ahem, did someone say sports trash?)

A slew of merch pictures below!

HQ merch:

AoD merch:

because the top one got reflected off
do you realise they are all just miyuki
YWPD merch:

Hakuoki merch: I'm so surprised to find Yamazaki!

Gintama: I had to get this one

I definitely need to show you guys the small figures I bought of Aomine because hello, husband ( ˘ ³˘) but I shall leave that for another post, seeing as I have more than a bit of Aomine and KnB merch. 

I went and meticulously calculated the amount I had left for spending and decided to get the FMA Edward one, but in the midst of their closing rush I forgot and completely left him out. And since I was flying back to SG the next day.. goodbye Edward.. it was nice seeing you.

I bought the whole HQ Vol 1 Shikishi! Except for Tsukishima because he was sold out! ): Anyone who has that please sell it to me because I need the whole set. My Nishi was the last piece, so there were a couple of dents and scratches, poor me. Anyone wants to sell their Nishi too? Also bought the whole of Vol 2 when I came back to SG, ha ha what is money?

Spent a bomb at J-world, and felt lucky enough to buy five HQ! bookmarks. Ended up with Bokuto and Aakashi (yay!) but the other three were these, with two of the broccoli fella in a row! Ugh. Anyone wants to buy them off my hands? ): Was pretty lucky at the KnB section though! All the Aomine merch hehee~

These Naruto merch were from J-World as well:

Didn't buy much at the Pokemon centre, except for Steven Stone items because Steven Stone. Got some food for the tins though! The ghost ones were biscuits which were ooookay, but the pikachu ones were delicious.

I ended broker than broke, but it was immensely satisfying. Definitely going back once I'm able to! That's all for now, and hopefully it won't be long before I'm back with another post~

Nerd out!

Written by: ninetylives

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