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Mangaka Spirits "Sachi-Chan" Contest Wall-of-Fame

Our very first Mangaka Spirits Contest which was for artists to design the feathers of our mascot Sachi-chan had ended. Some were very creative and think outside-the-box. Here we showcase the entries of all the artists.

1st Prize - Design by Molly Agra

2nd Prize - Design by Rain Cat
3rd Prize - Design by Ma Alexandra M Gaspar

4th Prize - Design by Lee Yi Von

5th Prize - Design by Zuzia Rbssc

6th Prize - Design by Nina Manzano

Consolation Prize - Design by Raquel Matubis

Story behind her design

The drawings on Sachi-chan's feathers, mainly the potato, the egg, and the coffee bean, symbolize the 3 kinds of reactions on how people take the problems of life. There was once a daughter who was stressed because of life, so she vented out all her problems to her father. He listened to her and did this. He got a potato, an egg, and a coffee bean, and placed them in three separate pots to boil. After, he told his daughter to scrutinize each of the items placed 1 by one, and these were her observations. The potato turned really soft when she touched it, when she removed the shell of the egg it became a hard-boiled one, and the last one turned to coffee with a rich flavour. And the father explained each of them:

All these three experience the same process yet reacted differently

Potato- It was hard and strong, but after it was boiled it was weak and soft
Egg- It was fragile that it needed a hard shell to protect it, after, the inside of it turn hard
Coffee Bean- After being boiled, it turned into something new and the water as well changed

Then he ended everything with "Which one are you?"

So just like us, we face the same struggles everyday in our lives. They also might cause you to lose hope because of all the stress and problems. There are people who start strong but in the end give up. There are people who are weak at first but because of their problems, they harden and let these problems get into their head. And lastly, there are people who turn the whole situation around to create something better. In life, it doesn't matter how big or small your problems and struggles are, because they'll just be coming and coming no matter what. What matters is how you deal with it and how you react to it.

Thank you for the heartwarming story Raquel.

More entries

Once again, thank you for all your entries. You guys can draw very well and Yushiko loves it! We shall host more of such contest in the near future. Keep the Mangaka Spirits alive!

Written by Max

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