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Japan Merch Haul: Aomine Edition

Hello fellas! I'm finally back with the second installation of my Japan Haul, this time featuring KnB and Aomine in particular.

If you've read my other post on my general sports trash merch haul, then good for you! If you haven't, what are you waiting for, sheesh.

Anyway, like I was saying, praise the heavens for Animate because there's where I got most of my merch and doujin from. Depending on where you are, the shop size varies, and that decides how much of a selection you'll have.

I went to the pretty big multi story ones, and so had quite the selection of doujin~

I obviously bought the Aomine ones, and I managed to get the specific one I was looking for that was sold out in SG. Hooray for me! (When I got back to home I ripped the wrapping apart like a maniac.)

There was also a thinner version of the x Reader ones, out of which there was only Kise and Himuro I picked out.

Also got the host KnB as well as the job one! Honestly I would have just bought the whole shelf if I could afford it. There were some other themes; like Honeymoon, Mornings, etc.

Up next is my whole slew of small figures! I spent a lot on these ones, and one was kindly sponsored by my friend since I was broke and staring forlornly at it hahahahahaaa.. /cries

Oh side story! I have an Aomine phone case and an Aomine strap attached to it. So while I was at this store getting a couple of Aomines, for easier reference told the assistant I wanted "Aomine!" while pointing them out in the cases of many other figures.

After he picked them out for me, the store assistant noticed my phone, pointed at the case and strap, and went: "Ahh, Aomine!" and nodded sagely like he finally understood the meaning of life.

Ahahah yes sorry store assistant, I am a sucker for all things Aomine.

While I had pretty shitty luck with HQ! merch at J-world, my Aomine luck was shining as I managed to get some pretty good stuff! Like the Easter handkerchief, for example. Here's the whole bunch of items I got at J-world, and I bought this tin too! The biscuits inside are meh though.

And that concludes my Aomine edition! 10/10 worth breaking the bank for.

Nerd out, and off to build my Aomine shrine! ( ˘ ³˘) 

Written by: ninetylives

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