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PSO2 The Animation: AIKA and Kasra

Perhaps the most iconic character in the animation is Suzuki (fake name) Aika. Aika is the strange transfer student that always behaves weirdly. And yes, its strange, not mysterious. We learn later that she is not of earthly origin, but most of the funny episodes feature her.

The disclaimer above says, This is not an adult game. Aika seems to be obsessed with Itsuki, and follows him EVERYWHERE, literally as you can see. Of course, it is because of his ability to materialise his PSO2 gear on Earth, but many misunderstandings comes from this. And, no, I don't know if the Oracle ships have toilets. Stop asking.

Aika's class is actually Summoner/Techer. And she uses a Purple Duct. Aika is actually an intelligence agent under Kasra, one of the Six Pillars of ARKS. Kasra seems to have many agents under him, and he knows many secrets, including the identity of Quna, the oracle ship idol.

Kasra in PSO2 is like a spymaster. And therefore no one really trusts him. The intelligence they have on Earth, for example, flooded the database when it was released! Even the ship captain, Shera, does not know much of Earth at that point, and she panicked as the screen exploded with tons of data.

Now, Rappy is PSO2's mascot creature. Think Final Fantasy's chocobo, or Dragonquest's slime and you will get it. Rappy is Aika's exclusive pet, but if you buy the delxue package edition of Episode 4, you can use him too! Lets end this article with how many Rappys you can fit in a bathtub.

Written by Don

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