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Mangaka Spirits Wall-of-Fame May 2016

Wall-of-Fame May 2016
In a room full of Arts, I still stare at yours

"Mangaka Spirits" (Manga + Ka = A person who draws manga) captures the spirit of sketching, drawing and all forms of artwork by ordinary people. In this Wall-of-Fame, we feature the artworks of aspiring artists all over the world. Through their works, we hope to find inspiration in the things we do and hopefully unite as to a common purpose.

Mangaka 47 : Ash
Age : 17
School : Mindanao State university (just graduated)
Art : OC
Art Materials : Faber Castell (Classic Version) and Color Pens
Favourite Anime : Re:Zero
Country : Philippines
Quote : "I prefer to say something truth that makes the person cries, rather than to keep telling lies just to make the person smiles".

Mangaka 48 : Sophie-Mae Pickering
Age : 18
School : Four Dwellings Academy, Bournville College Birmingham
Course : Theatrical makeup level 3
Art : Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha Frenemies
Art Materials : Faber Castell (Classic Version) and Color Pens
Favourite Anime : Black butler and many others. Anime is my life.
Hobbies : I love to draw and create my own characters. My fave thing to draw are wolves and I love to create new makeup designs, not your average every day look. Lastly, I also like to write stories based on the characters I create.
Country : England
Quote : "Happiness is found when you stop comparing yourself to other people. Be yourself and be unique!

Age : 18
Art : Saya, No Uta
Art Materials : Oslo paper, Pencil, FC colour pencils and liquid eraser (for the higlights and white thingy)
School : STI
Course : Digital Arts (Senior High)
Favourite Anime : Konosuba,LoveLive, Shiki,Shigatsu.
Country : Philippines

Mangaka 50 : Frenz Morales
Age : 16
Art : Sword Art Online, Trick or Treat?
Art Materials : Crayola colored pencils (overall), Crayola pentels for the ribbons, Unipin for lineart
School : Aklan Valley Highschool
Favourite Anime : Fairy Tail, Sword Art Online, One Piece, Snow White with Red hair, LetterBee, FMA, Hitman Reborn, Naruto, Prince of Tennis, Black Butler, One Punch Man, Attack on Titan, No Game No Life, K, Hayate the combat butler, Sket Dance, My Little Monster, City Hunter, Hyouka and Detective Conan
Hobby : Drawing, Reading novels, Playing the Recorder/Flute, SpeedStacks, Reading Manga.
Country : Philippines
Quote : Im proud to say, Guhit Pinas honed me to be a great artist. Thank you very much for the lessons and advices. GP, continue touching hearts and inspiring those young artists. One of your KaGP here.

Mangaka 51 : Flet Franz
Age : 18
Art : Annie Leonhart from SNK
Materials : Digital
School : University of San Carlos
Course : Painting Arts
Favourite Anime : Space Brothers, Stiens;Gate
Hobby : I play table tennis, golf and I love my bikes!
Country : Philippines

Mangaka 52 : Ivy Montano Ocso
Age : 18
Art : Tokyo Ghoul
Art Material : Mixed media (colorpencils, watercolor, posterpaint)
School : Central Philippine University
Course : Bachelor in Chemical Engineering
Favourite Anime : Any anime with "ikemen"
Hobby : Watching anime, reading manga, listening to anime ost and end songs, reading manga and of course drawing
Country : Philippines
Quote : "The future belongs to those who believed in the beauty of their dreams"

Mangaka 53 : Marcos Laurio Jr.
Age : 20
Art : Natsu Dragneel
Art Material : Faber Castell Classic Color Pencil , Colleen Color Pencil , Unipin 0.3 and 0.5 , Vellum Board
Favourite Anime : One Piece , Fairytail , HunterXHunter , Shokugeki No Souma , Ansatsu Kyoushitsu
Hobby : Watching anime and movies, drawing while listening to music
Country : Philippines
Quote : "Keep Calm and Watch Anime"

Mangaka 54 : Kirbie Shire Rivera
Age : 17
School : Rizal Technological University; BS Psychology
Art Material : Pencil and Charcoal
Favourite Anime : Kyoukai no kanata, Tokyo Ghoul, Charlotte, Sword Art Online
Hobby : Drawing, Sketching, Painting
Country : Philippines
Quote : "There's always room in the world for once more great manga series and if anyone tells you you'll never make it in manga, you tell'em Kirbie Shire says you will"

"Mangaka Spirits" is approved by our mascot Yushiko, an initiative brought to you by Milkcananime. Please submit your artwork via pm to our Facebook. Only approved artwork of reasonable calibre may be featured in our Facebook and Mangaka Spirits Wall-of-Fame.

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