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That first anime crush~(ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

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I was just pottering around the neighbourhood with a friend the other day, when we started thinking about the days when we first found the wonderful world of anime, and of course, we ended up talking about what girls talk about...boys...and first crushes. (Guys...I know you talk about girls too.) And so from that conversation, spawned this short bubbly article~ my first few anime crushes (before I discovered harems).


Ah okay, let's time warp to when I was an elementary/primary school kid, all wide-eyed and innocent and perhaps a little nutty around the edges...

I remember, the first anime I watched that wasn't Pokemon (because really, if I were to base it on Pokemon... my first crush wouldn't even be'd be Pikachu...-awkward moment-) was the one about magical transforming school girl in lots of pink with cards...yup...that's Cardcaptor Sakura. But we're not here to talk about the show, nope we're here to talk about Syaoran.
Ah, Syaoran was ><
What to say...what to was love at first sight (?) More like I was wondering why Sakura was interested in Yukito in the start. Hey, don't blame me, Syaoran was nicely drawn and all and when I was young I liked to look at pretty things. Oh, Yue was also really really awesome with the wings... I think just liked the wings though.

Them wings...
Looking back on this memory though, gosh... they are still kinda cute.

Moving on moving on, I fed my growing obsession with wings by reading Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles. Geez that series was 28 books long. I remember the series ended when I was in middle/secondary school. And that ending! *wants to say a lot of things about that ending but can't due to spoilers...argh...*

Ah...another Syaoran...
Strangely enough, the two aforementioned stories, have the exact same main character names and they looked similar Tsubasa a guy named Syaoran goes on the quest to recover the memories of a girl named Sakura. It was only later that I found out that Tsubasa characters were based off Cardcaptor characters. How confusing...honestly they could have been a little more original with the names. Does this mean I liked the same guy twice? 

But anyway, let's talk about Syaoran number two, he was kickass in fighting, be it in hand-to-hand combat or with a sword, that I remember. He had wild hair too (hair was everything *nods*). Many friends of mine were also smitten with him, after all he was the knight in shining armour raring to rescue the princess... and at that time all little girls thought themselves to be princesses. Sigh.

When I was done mooning over the second Syaoran, I was already slightly older, still wide-eyed and probably just starting to figure out that the world wasn't all fun and candy...oh...and that people don't come with wings. Sadly.

At this point, I was introduced to Full Moon wo Sagashite (technically I read Tsubasa and watched Full Moon around the same time). This show made me grow up, it made sickness and death and heartbreak pretty real.

Takuto...the calling out to the neko in me~
There was a shinigami named Takuto in the anime. I liked cats when I was a kid too, so Takuto's shinigami cat costume won me over quickly. But of course, every time he helped Mitsuki, and supported her and in the end eventually falling in love with her made me squeal in happiness...*spoiler* especially after Mitsuki was so heartbroken after learning the death of Eichi, her childhood friend and the person she had been singing for all this while. For this particular character, I remember a close friend at the time fangirling with me over him in class...those were the good times~

Now, I'm re-watching Full Moon, and yes, it's still giving me feels from my childhood, though currently I am able to appreciate the underlying themes of this anime even more. Mitsuki's songs also still hold an important place on my music playlist.

Time warp over~

I'm done with my reminiscing and my mini fangirl session of the guys that sucked me into anime.

So I shall end with one of Mitsuki's songs...Eternal Snow:

Enjoy the song and think about your first anime crush~^^

Written by Neko

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