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Loop-Worthy Anime Songs

I'm not sure if an act like this would label me as an oddball, but whenever there's a song that I just can't get out of my head, I put it on repeat and...repeat (?). I mean, I don't even shuffle other tracks in! Just one song throughout my journey. Just one song for that hour's worth of travelling. May I publicly apologise to the remaining 1,000+ songs in the media library that I've neglected? I'm so sorry...well, not really. Some songs just aren't supposed to be played once. You've got to loop them until steam emits from the earphones / headphones / speakers. Then you buy a new set and repeat.

♪ Kanashimi yo Konnichiwa (Maison Ikkoku, 1986)
This song may be nearing 30 years old, but it ages like a bottle of fine wine. The title means Hello Sadness, which feels really depressing but in fact it's an uplifting song. Sung beautifully by Saitou Yuki, there's a recurring line in the song that I like very much. "Fui ni kanashimi wa yatte kuru kedo... nakayoku natte miseru wa... datte yakusoku yo...". The struggle to break free from lingering sadness can be extremely frustrating at times, yet this song attempts to help find closure through the idea that perhaps we could treat our negative emotions as friends whenever they just come.

♪ sign (Ano natsu de matteru, 2012)
I feel as though I'm travelling to some distant space each time I listen to this song. I suppose on a subconscious level, it does help knowing that the female lead of the anime is an alien. Or maybe it's all that tweaking of sound effects. Or both. Or (insert your own reason here). The melody is extremely catchy and has a 'fuwa fuwa' feel to it. I wonder where in people's hearts does the song resonate until? The spaceship in my heart continues to escalate with every sign.

♪ Go! Go! Maniac (K-ON!!, 2010)
I've mentioned before in my write-up on K-ON! that I love the 360-degree turn around the music room as the first line of the song plays in the anime. It's such a high-powered song that I used to be in awe of the seamlessness that flows throughout its entirety without the need for oxygen and acupuncture. Then, I had a chance to watch a YouTube clip of the voice actresses performing the song, complete with live instruments and such. Come to think of that, the amazement is still there.

♪ Misoji Misaki (Lucky Star, 2007)
There's something ticklish (?) about listening to this song that I can't quite explain. The image of a supposed idol going cute and sugary at first, turning abusive and violent the next, and finally switching to enka mode albeit very lopsidedly, is just unfathomable yet its absurdity is so hilarious that it stays rooted inside the head. I mean, unless the talent agency is operating on a shoestring budget, why would its poor idol have a concert inside a karaoke room?

♪ Cordless Telephone (Nourin, 2014)
The Japanese title of the song is actually a partial wordplay on Telephone: 'tere' (shy) + PHONE (stylised in caps). I prefer the studio version because I find the background chanting of Ringo's fans in the 'concert' version gradually annoying (no offence though to those who like the latter). Initially I thought that this song might be a tad too sugary for my taste, but it turned out to be a pot of good quality yuzu tea (I know that's random but truth is, I had some yesterday) that had to sit over time to allow the best flavours to permeate.

What are some of your loop-worthy anime songs? :)

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep

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