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Nanoblocks Tutorial 05 - Unicorn

I was attracted to the colours of this Unicorn nanoblocks from Kawada. The whites and the transparent blues complement each other well, indeed it brings justice to this mystical and graceful animal with a spiralling horn. It has over 170 pieces. The level of difficulty is 2/5. Let's get started.

Japanese companies are known for their packaging and this Unicorn nanoblocks from Kawada is no exception.
The quality of Kawada's nanoblocks is excellent. Each piece has a slight glossy look to it. However it terms of "stackability", it pales slightly to Boyu's microblocks. Having said that, Kawada beats most of the competition hands down. The downside, thus is that it costs about three times more than other brands.

Step one begins...

Step two seals the base and prevents the nanos from flying all over the place.

I was looking forward to stack the transparent blue nanos. They look so beautiful.

The nanos for the yellow horn are unique. The length are longer than the usual nanos. It is supposed to slant forward. I have to twist and turn each of the four nanos to project a forward looking horn.

Reversing the body to attach the legs...

Finally, the Unicorn is born with some spares. There are no missing parts.

The symbol of grace and purity.

Building this Unicorn is straight forward. It took me under 45 mins to complete it. This will be a good start for novice builders.

See you in my next Nanoblocks Tutorial.

Written by Max

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