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Gacha Gacha Anime

Gacha Gacha Anime brings to you my collection of Gachapons in the Anime categories. They are kawaii little toys found inside the Capsule Stations along shopping malls, walkways and toy events. Getting one of your favourite Gacha character is almost 100% based on luck.

 Dragonball Z Series - Bandai

 He has super long hands

 See the length of his hand? It's even longer than his body.


She's Koyoshi (Yukata Squid Daughter) from Capsule Q Fraulein. Even thought this is a small figurine, remarkable workmanship is evident here.

One Piece Tony Tony Chopper - Bandai

 Pokémon Squirtle Gachapon.

Lucky Star Girl.

One Piece Thousand Sunny Boat.
Sailormoon Figure Ochatomo (Blind Boxes). They are tiny figurines which sits on the edge of your otaku cup.

The workmanship and paint job is excellent!

Love Live Gashapon.

Written by Max
Step out of the Otaku Closet

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