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I still don't quite understand how an episode of an anime could possibly run for just three, five or eight minutes. Yeah, after what felt like a million years a brand new anime which I happen to be interested in has come knocking on the door. As much as I would love to pop open some nice, sparkling champagne, I just can't wipe off my timely disappointment. The said anime is short. Really short. An episode is around eight minutes or so. Why oh why? I mean, where is the kick in that? Anyway, the first episode was still watchable despite my grievances. Plus, the anime is an adaptation of a four-panel manga! The mangaka also happens to be the artist behind Kiniro Mosaic - Hara Yui. Welcome to Wakaba Girl!

Well, the title is stylised as Wakaba*Girl which somehow feels a little cuter. The little asterisk actually represents a clover leaf that also connects the four main characters of this slice-of-life anime. Since I'm unable to replicate a clover leaf on my word processor, there you asterisk! Wakaba*Girl begins with a high school freshman Kohashi Wakaba who comes from a wealthy, upper-class family, yet enrols in an average high school due to bad grades. Wakaba's refined speech as a result of her upbringing strikingly contrasts those of her newfound friends in class. Also, she is easily fascinated by what she sees around her, to the extent of being peculiar (even though her thought process is powered by sheer naivety).

Tokita Moeko is one of Wakaba's classmates; a petite girl with a penchant for fairytale-like fluffiness. Moeko is talented in the art of baking sweets. Her desk is just adjacent to Wakaba's on her right. Sitting in front of Moeko is Mashiba Nao, a bespectacled girl with an athletic background yet all of that gets thrown out of the window in high school. Nao becomes a fujoshi and a member of the go-home club. Her tomboyish nature also provides spot-on comic relief in many different situations. Last but not least, Kurokawa Mao (the M and N are confusing) is a carefree, whimsy girl who refers to herself by name instead of 'I'. Mao sits in front of Nao. Quite a convenient (?) arrangement, eh?

Interestingly, the seiyuu behind Mao is also named Mao (stylised as M.A.O)! Anyway, the episodes are numbered as leaves - the first episode is simply Hitoha (one leaf). Even though each episode is painfully short, there is always the manga to fall back on. Then again, the four-panel is just one tankoubon. Perhaps it would be great to also get started on Hara-sensei's Kiniro Mosaic if such artwork style catches your fancy. Speaking of which, I'm reminded of the paperback mountain and numerous backlogs in my room. Yeah, I have just acquired some new titles for my collection. (><)

I'm so looking forward to the next leaf of Wakaba*Girl!

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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