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MILKCANANIME Exhibitor Booth at Singapore Comic Con 2019

It was my first time to hold an exhibition booth. And we are privileged to be able to showcase our artworks and merchandise at our favourite event, Singapore Comic Con 2019 (They are one of the nicest organisers for anime events).

Three months prior to SGCC, we also took on the challenge to design a pack of messaging stickers for WhatsApp and Telegram. It is a collaboration between SGCC and MILKCANANME and we decided to use one of our OCs Miwa Haruka and their new OC, Red Robot. We turned the Robot into a chibi to create a touch of playfulness. So as Miwa Haruka meets Red Robot, we combine the elements of Japanese Sub-Culture and Western Pop-Culture into one.

This was taken on Friday evening, where only Exhibitors were permitted to move in to do set-up.

 We prepared a stack of flyers and some Miwa Haruka stickers. 

 The designs for the 24 messaging stickers.

To avoid Copyright issues, we decided to take out "Wonder Women". It was later replaced by our OC, Amami Kisa aka Queen Bee

To download this pack of stickers, click here.

 My buddy BT and wife Angela were there to help me set-up on Saturday morning.

Our pink-hair mascot Miwa Haruka (cosplayed by Hani Hashiya) later dropped by our booth at TS24 to help.

A portion of our artworks include these four illustrations which we work with KidZania Singapore. As an artist for their Variable Programmes, we draw using our OCs and according to the theme for their event which takes place on a certain period. We then make another black-and-white Colouring Sheets for the kids to colour. 
More info on this Singapore Bicentennial Artwork here

The sweet Miwa Haruka and her Shiba plush. Miwa Haruka loves animals and her best friend is Moo Chan.

 Our vivacious blogger Devi dropped by our booth. She wrote a lot of travel guides for us in Japan.

Met our 'MIA' blogger J.Fluffysheep. Remember reading those "A Letter to XXX" posts? They are all written by him. Heard he had created his own blog which focuses on manga. You should check it out here. I told him that he is welcomed to return to writing for MILKCANANIME. He smiled sheepishly. 

 Some of our merch on display includes our Character LED watches, enamel pins, acrylic standees and plushes. We were there solely to showcase our merch. It was funny when people started asking us if they could buy on the spot. We asked them to visit our online shop

 Jack Sparrow and his Pirates of the Caribbean's crew hailed from the Philippines. Long travel by sea, Captain.

We enjoyed the two days convention in Singapore Comic Con and wish to thank everyone who dropped by our booth and chatted with us. Special thanks to my Resident Illustrators Shiriel Corda and Kim Gaby as well as Pearl and Amanda from Reed Exhibitions who worked alongside with me on this project.

We also put up a short video here. Enjoy! ^_*

Credits to our videographer BT

Written by Max Wong

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