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Catch Attack On Titan: The Exhibition

If you're an avid fan of the series Attack on Titans, then make sure to not miss out on the ongoing AOT themed exhibition at Art Science Museum.

(Photo credits: Mothershig.SG)

This dark fantasy series has taken over the hearts of many, and is now being showcased in Singapore through over 150 art works, by the one and only Hajime Isayama. Be prepared to be awed by Isayama's craft and art style that he has mastered throughout the years.

(Photo credits: Mothershig.SG)

There are many interesting components in the exhibition - one being a phototaking area, of course. With a green screen backdrop, you can leave with a souvenier from this one-of-a-kind experience, featuring you and gorgeous artwork from the anime in the background.

(Photo credits: Alternative Haku)

Remember all that angst in the series, all the alliances and betrayal? Well similarly, when you step foot inside, you have to pick a side: one inside the walls, and one outside. 

(Photo credits: Asia One)

Follow the stories of varying characters as you delve deeper in. There will be stunning artworks, exclusive content, and intriguing story details that you have never seen nor heard of before. 

(Photo credits: Geek Culture)

And don't miss out (you really can't) on the terrifying head statue of the Colossal Titan, crafted on an accurate scale of its actual size. Marvel at the intricate details put into this and remember to take a selfie with the mighty Titan. 

(Photo credits: CNA Lifestyle)

Of course, what's an Attack On Titan Exhibition without showcasing the show's towering creatures? Enjoy a gigantic display of the nine main Titans and their overwhelming power, which is both fascinating and horrifying. The rocks and debris mounting from the ground are there to create an illusion of the actual setting and environment of the series. If you have ever fantasized about your house crushed into ruins by massive giants, then well, here's your best shot. 

(Photo credits: The Straits Times)

There is also a section displaying artefacts from the series, ranging from the mysterious basement key to the Survey Corps cape. Lay your eyes on other objects like Mikasa's treasured scarf, as well as Annie's ring. This might be a perfect reference for cosplayers as well! 

A little note - this exhibition does contain spoilers for the anime fans, like showcasing content from The Rumbling. As such, only proceed if you don't mind the reveal.

Interested in the thought process behind the creation of Attack On Titans? You can get a glimpse of that in The Final Interview Room with Hajime Isayama, through screened interviews, rough drafts and sketches displayed in the exhibition.

Fun fact (and potential spoiler): Did you know that originally, Sasha's death was so horrendous that Isayama's editor wept in the bathroom after seeing it? Because of that, Isayama changed his mind. So thank you to the editor!

When you have reached the end of the exhibition, you are greeted with a 20min showcase of the anime seasons to relinquish on this masterpiece. Afterwards, you can browse through the merchandise store and either leave with a yearning or your pockets empty. 

(Photo credits: Time Out)

This exhibition will expire after 3 July, so make sure to grab your tickets before then! Don't underestimate the thirst of other avid Attack On Titan fans, because tickets are selling out fast. 

With that being said, I personally am elated to see that the anime scene is becoming more and more apparent in Singapore. This exhibition, along with the screening of the Jujutsu Kaisen movie, are seemingly important stepping stones for our country to bring in more anime-related campaigns and events. 

Hopefully, fingers-crossed, I will be writing more of such articles in the near future.

Written by Potato.

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