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Miraku Chan the Girl Oyster

Miraku Chan is a girl oyster with a cyan-coloured body and a butter-yellow shell. One day while she was sleeping under the sea, a little pink shell floated near her and got lodged onto her head. She tried but could not remove the little pink shell. As time goes by, she grew to like the pink shell more and more. It made her look beautiful and 'spe-shell'.

Miraku likes to cook and doll herself up. She is also very positive in life.

How her name came about:

美(mi)- Kanji for beauty, gorgeousness, which is associated with her trait of being vain, and of course, being a pretty female oyster as well 

楽(raku)- Kanji for happy and carefree. When you pronounce “Mi-ra-ku”, it reminds you of the English word ‘miracle’, which she actually is, as Kaki chan (out of millions of fishes) meets a new miracle! 

Miraku Chan's birthday is on 23 March 2019.

This was the first time Kakichan meets Miraku Chan while sipping milk tea.

You can read more of "Kakichan and Miraku" comic here.

Original Character created by Max Wong
Illustrated by Shirielise

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