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Yushiko School Uniform

After designing a set of school uniform for Miwa Haruka, I decided that Yushiko also needs a revamp set of attire. So I took out my notebook and pencil and sketched away.

Yushiko ゆしこ school uniform features two primary colours; red and blue. The short pleated skirt is blue, accentuated with 2 red patterns in an upward sloping design; about 45 degrees. Pairing the blazer is a piece of white-coloured shirt with red bow tie. There is an option for a red tie in place of the bow tie. Yushiko ゆしこ will also wear a violet-coloured high knee socks, complete with a pair of charcoal black shoes.

Again, I had to remind myself not to be over zealous and stuff too many elements into the school uniform or else it doesn't look like one.

1st draft

Most of the school skirts that we see in anime are either plain or checkered-design. I wanted to create something that was different. I incorporated two simple stripes that sloped upwards to the right, on the right half of the skirt. It tapered towards the end, giving it a somewhat sharp appearance. If you look at the drawing, the top portion of the stripe is thinner than the bottom.

On days where Yushiko doesn't feel like wearing the bow tie, she can put on the normal tie. I incorporated our 'Moo Chan' logo in both ties and also the blazer. 

Finalised design. I sent the design to our resident illustrator to finish off digitally.

Cute chibi version of Yushiko

Our resident illustrator did an wonderful job in drawing Yushiko in her new school uniform. The chibi version looks exceptionally cute.

I hope you like our new school uniform design for Yushiko ゆしこ. Let us know what you think.

Written by Max Wong
Designed by Max Wong
Resident Illustrator Kim Gaby

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